“When I say it, it’s couture.”

Even those who look good have black spots on their eyes. Fashion activities have resumed, even if one wonders if they haven’t accelerated a bit. Everyone wants butter and butter money, obviously without eating butter, it makes you fat. Haute couture fashion show, which, remember, only exists in Paris, takes a short week time that everyone would love to cut a little slower. But France’s honor is under threat.


Alaiya Haute Couture Model, July 2022

The season begins with a show that is not Haute Coach, however, Alaiya. Just the day before, it took place in a looted building in Rue du Fauburg St. Honor that was a Lanvin boutique (designed for Albar, Haniya, Eli, etc.) and so it would become an Alaia boutique. A flagship. A flagship. Bomb.

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For the moment, the walls have been emptied, reminiscent of Céline’s pop-up store in Rue François 1er during Phoebe’s time (which lasted for several years). The store is basically glossy, so pedestrians can see inside and we can see outside. There are beautiful people, with a Proustian direction around fashion. We’re spread across two floors, I’m upstairs with a great view of confused pedestrians that I never get tired of taking pictures of and the unprecedented view of the catwalk from a cool-de-sac, where models no longer pay attention to appearance. Then unarmed humanity emerged from their mouths. They are tired too.

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Alaiya Trends / O – Bauchouchi – 05-07-2022

Tired, but noble, and especially well chosen. The neighbor next door to my house seems hard to see great clothes, the girls are so devastatingly beautiful. Many wear curly, very long hair, which is almost part of Ali’s DNA, thanks Farida.

It starts with jumpsuits of different colors. Yes, that’s it. Alia’s white beach, in all silk jerseys, is the most beautiful element in the world. And then it wears a fluffy white petticoat that doesn’t really bother to play its role fully as a skirt, it’s mind blowing with authority and sophisticated inconsistency. A large leather basket turned into a living itbag in front of our lust-stricken eyes. Similarly for a white bag which is a giant heart. Same for a bag with huge squares. A black and white print completely reconsiders the idea that we have on our leaves. I also have a biker jacket that was paraded a long time ago, cool as a mantra. It’s impressive and maybe even, sometimes, a little more “In glory”But a recent visit to Alaiya Boutique made me realize that the commercial versions of all of this are appealing to the eye and the hand.

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Journal Humayun de la Mode: You are free, Jacques!


Haute couture model, Schiaparelli, July 2022
Haute couture model, Schiaparelli, July 2022

A noise between people who don’t know me and those who grow up invisibly. One visitor to another: “I don’t know who it is, but we’ll find out later.”. Says a super-lifted girl screaming “When I say it, it’s couture.”To compliment everyone on their looks, I would say, Regency / Denim. Handsome people are more interested than potential stars in the end, but we don’t want to give up on shadow hunting either. Inside (it takes place in the nave of the Museum of Decorative Arts), everyone kisses who is good and if you don’t want to kiss, you’re a curious creature. It coughs in isolation. “Sitting” (seating guests) has certainly been a cause of headaches, and Row 2 stars are looking at the people in Row 1 to see if there is any distortion. Versailles Court.

Journal Humayun de la Mode: “It’s more of an exhibition”

The show opens in the dark and looks like Jurassic Park. Despite not having very high heels, they are animals, not dinosaurs, who sometimes descend a few steps to the podium with unsteady steps. I mean, in our time, these are very well-groomed, very sophisticated looks, which makes you think of the 80s Christian Lacroix or Thierry Mugler and St. Laurent, these looks that have a sad beauty, as they say in the novel, well all these It reminds us that the creators of this generation are now like the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park: almost immortal despite their apparent extinction.

Schiaparelli Trends / O – Bouchouchi – 05-07-2022

This is because the aesthetics of these fashion talents can come back at any time, as this Shiapareli show proves. The brand’s artistic director, Daniel Rosberry, manages to show a salo of both his clothing culture, Schiaparelli’s disrespect, and all his being, his subtlety, his sense of influence.

Human Journal of Fashion: “What is the word hype? A

Elsa Schiaparelli had two goals: One was to make women significant. The other is to bring them mobility. This last point remains unresolved but the show continues, and it’s beautiful, between museums and museums. Speaking of museums, the Schiaparelli exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs will teach the general public what Elsa Schiaparelli’s talent was. Plenty of exhibitions that make the presence of a woman who doesn’t consider herself beautiful almost clear. But he knew he was awesome.

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Haute couture model, Dior, July 2022
Haute couture model, Dior, July 2022

Apparently ordinary celebrity dances at the Rodin Museum. When I arrive, I meet a woman whom I deeply admire, Catherine Letteria, a huge film costume designer who has won many awards. We know each other a little. She introduced me to her friend Sigourney Weather, one of the more than fifty women at the gathering. Nice to run with his arm in the air, as they call La Route de Madison.

Inside, all over the wall, the huge tree of life of Ukrainian artist Olesya Trofimenko, from which Maria Grazia Chiuri began to imagine this collection. Some are interested in it, others are not, it is the law of this practice. I rarely find out about this artist on safari, where I wander from my seat. When I look from my research I realize that I have two rows in front of me and I can’t see anything.

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Trend / O – Bouchouchi – 05-07-2022

And, indeed, the show begins, a parade of heads and necks. But it doesn’t matter, I’m trying to understand what Maria Grazia is saying here. At first glance, literally nothing compared to Ukraine. We are rather in the notion of folklore as a mode of common expression in all cultures, because the intersections of clothing intersect, therefore, which forces us to think sometimes of the old French thing, sometimes of the Nordic thing, sometimes of the Italian Renaissance. If you think this is a mix and cultural mix seems difficult to you, then you should visit the Museum of International Folk Art in Mexico City, which does a complete job of transcending culture like Maria Grazia. A special Ukraine show does not fall into the error of providing decoration and clothing, it respects its subject and its source.

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The dresses are studded with trees of life, embroidered on them. The collars are off, and in any case every form of clothing takes on a vocabulary that we are now accustomed to. I know them, this bust adorns “Day”, I know those pleated skirts. I know those little jackets. They parade almost identically like other times, but saying something else. The codes identified for Maria Grazia Dior are the canvas on which she can now tell the world. It is amazing to have so much consistency and strength.

Rabih Kairoz

Haute couture model, Rabih Kayrouz, July 2022
Haute couture model, Rabih Kayrouz, July 2022

Rabih presents her clothes with a short film, along with the divine soundtrack available on YouTube (Amore Addio, by Brice Davoli). Models walk around the screen in clothes that breathe, to the tune of great subtlety. Colors are so rare. After that, Rabih occasionally stays there to try a kaftan. Her interpersonal skills and her way of combining clothing make her presentations unique every time. For some time, Rabih has been trying her hand at slow fashion which of course does not prevent her from revealing a collection of beneficial riches. It’s as if Jane is out of clothes, deceptively simple, but whose perfect self-assurance indicates that a well-centered mind thought about them. What he can achieve by tying a golden ribbon is breathtaking.

Breathe, that’s all.

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