A charitable sale of street art for Lille La Nuit de Saint-Catherine

By Diane Georgie

Following a concert by Natalie Des and Philippe Cassard, celebrating the “Free Meeting of Lyrical and Urban Art”, the sixth edition of La Nuit de Saint-Catherine will host a charity auction of street art in Lille on July 8.

For the sixth edition of the Nuit de Sainte Catherine, the Rotary Club, in association with the City of Lille, is organizing two major days off with artistic events aimed at supporting various associations in the Lille metropolitan area working with sick children. A concert will take place on July 7 at St. Catherine’s Church Grounds, with soprano Natalie des and pianist Philippe Cassard who will explain several of its airs. Figaro’s marriage And Magic flute Mozart. The next day will be held at the Mercier Auction House, 14 rue des Jardins, a charity auction of unique works by street artists.

Twenty-five enamel plaques from Lille Street have been re-inspected by street artists

Implemented with the help of GM Arts and Brugier-Rigail Gallery, this sale will bring together twenty-five old enamel plaques from Lille Street, revisited by famous street artists such as Janne, Jeff Aerosol or Speedy Graffiti. The plaques will be visible at St. Catherine’s Church during the concert on Thursday evening and will be on display at Marcia Study from 2pm to 6pm, before the sale, which will be held at 6.30pm and broadcast live on internships.

Bid | Follow the charitable sale of La Nuit de Saint-Catherine at live interencheres.com on July 8

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