Aude: Before the holidays, a sorted school map and fear of the start of the school year

The National Education Divisional Council was held on Tuesday, July 5: Opportunity for the Director of Education to revise the school map adopted in February. But the Ansar will have to raise a lot of limits in terms of personnel, resources and operations.

Two days before the end of the school year, scheduled for Thursday, July 7, a final departmental Council for National Education (CDEN) allowed Joel Laporte, the academic director (Dasen) of the National Education Services, to make final changes to the school. Maps adopted on CDEN on 18 February (11 open and 12 closed). Choices based on unavoidable development, and especially towards registration, which has taken place over the past five months, recalls Ann Marty and Magali Ferrand from Unsa on Tuesday, July 5, just hours after the CDEN closed: “Nugues-Sayre (Montradon, Carcassonne), It’s a February cancellation. Not all children are registered yet, and there are now more than 26 in each class. It’s a good thing Dassen is back in it. “ Open, therefore, for this kindergarten. Just like for Gionee.

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Two new openings and, inevitably, two closures in response, in the kindergartens of Villemoustoussou and Castors: institutions where an average of 22 students per class will be active, “Acceptable, even if a shutdown is always difficult”, Specific Anne Marty. Now it remains to wait for the start of the school year for the institutions under surveillance, and especially for the schools in Papua New Guinea, where the Minister’s directive to limit the number of staff to 24 for large departments / CPs will affect other levels; Another site, Unsa, Fitur School, has advanced so far “Under the radar”But that extensive enrollment will result in an average of 27.75 students per class at the beginning of the school year.

Hundreds of children are waiting for IME

An update to the balanced school map, therefore, which does not prevent Unsa from regretting, again, the lack of openness for the Alternative Brigade (167 teachers) and special assistance networks for students with disadvantages (Rased), specialized teachers or medico-educational institutes (IME). : “Hundreds of children are waiting for IME, Maggie remembers Ferrand. They wait in structures that are not adapted, in most cases Ulysses (Local Inclusive Education Unit) : Which means the same expectations for kids who should go to Ulysses and have a traditional class.

A deficit has been noted, just as Unsa recalls the long wait for CDIization of Educational Assistants (AEDs) and Assistant Students with Disabilities (AESH), which has passed a law (3 years after the CDD for AESH, 6 for AEDs). Years): “The law was passed in March. But two days before the holidays, employees don’t know if they should go to Pôle Emploi. This is an urgent need for employees, education professionals who really need it.” Another requirement mentioned during the CDEN would be an urgent change in the school building: an issue raised in front of elected officials, recalling the 35 ° supported temperature in class and boarding school during heatwave. “It takes a real foundation, Ann Marty insisted. Especially since the end of the school year with very hot weather the month of July is going to go even further. And the call for awareness, to avoid “Responding to emergencies, even if we can’t blame the elected officials for finding the vents.”

Return to “favorable” and “fine climate”

The holidays weren’t here yet, but Unsa was already thinking about the next school year, “There will be less staff, including ten teachers in the first degree. There will be contract staff, we are sorry for that, and the replacement brigade will be affected immediately.”. A displayed remorse, especially since the teachers’ union has withdrawn “Fine Climate” Who was at the end of the school year referring to the victimized assault by teachers at the Iguille de Trebes or Pagnol school in Carcassonne. A painful situation, later “Covid’s two years in a very complicated situation”. An excitement that is hard to explain, even if Magali Ferrand notices that we are in it “Direct and day-to-day contact with citizens, unlike other public services, which rely on dematerialisation. Like caregivers, who are victims of rudeness, we find it easier to attack public service workers.”

Open, closed and school “under surveillance”

Open: Carcassonne, Nursery School Nogues-Sire (Montredon), Nursery School Jean-Gionee.
Off: Villemoustaussou, Los Pitchonets Kindergarten; Carcassonne, Les Castors Kindergarten.
Supervised at the beginning of the school year: Carcassonne, Jean-Jourés Nursery School, Jean-Giono Elementary School; Villemoustaussou, Leon-Blum Primary School; Pexiora School; School of Mass-Saints-Puels; RPI Preixan-Rouffiac; In Narbonne, Jola Primary School; Papu’s School.

The Departmental Council for National Education also allowed Dassen to announce the adjustment of the secondary school map, with: 6th at City College in Narbonne, 5th at Deltail College in Limox, 3rd at Jules-Ferry College in Narbonne; 3rd off the college in Korea, Cuccas-Cabardes, and 4th off Jules-Ferry College, Narbonne.

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