Ideas for redesigning your book shelves

Vacation time is fast approaching, and with that comes the possibility of paying a little attention to the organization of your interior. To recreate this desire that you have been doing for months, you will finally be able to dedicate yourself to it after a long reflection. How do you better organize your reading space? How to highlight your beautiful work? How to combine aesthetics and practicality? There are many questions that you ask yourself and you need to find relevant answers.

You can go with the classic library modules, which you can put on the floor wherever you want. Some can be used both as a library and as a partition to create an intimate space or to redesign a living room that is very wide open, as well as a bedroom or office. You can then combine these modules with an armchair where you can sit comfortably in your reading corner out of sight to engage in the art of silent reading.

You can also choose to use common storage units to enrich the sofa area by keeping books within easy reach. These Scandinavian bookcases are less cluttered and especially suitable for small spaces. They have a large storage space, while the footprint is small. It is up to you to save books and DVDs or CDs according to your needs. You can enrich these columns with a green plant at the top, ideally, small shoots lying around.

Modularity must be a core principle of your organization, by choosing models that allow you to, if necessary, regularly reconfigure the organization in a way that you want to avoid any fatigue effects. So, it’s your shelf that fits your space and not otherwise. Everything is thought to serve optimal storage while maintaining a very clean space.

You can choose to change the height, width and depth of your storage space to meet your needs as closely as possible. If the layout of your home is a bit unusual, it can go with an organization that is too. Thus, a kind of harmony is proposed for the viewer’s point of view.

But you can also choose the opposite, and in very rectangular places, we prefer asymmetrically organized modules to break expectations and offer something strongly contemporary. We will place a long column next to a small column, playing in different formats. This form of organized mismanagement, when offering very well designed storage space, can have the best effect.

So that your eyes do not get tired, do not hesitate to mix books and holiday memories, photos, candles and other decorative bell glasses on your shelves. The eye must be attracted by the consistency of the collection and the unity of the object which also enhances the books.

It’s an opportunity to reveal your personality, your stories, books and little trinkets that are intertwined. There is no limit to this and your books will tell you as much as the little things that decorate the space. On top, you can put beautifully decorated plants by lights, small paintings or vases or even flower pots.

The possibilities are endless, and we can regularly, like a bookseller, highlight books, unveil covers, so that visitors want to grab them. If your library is in your living room, this is truly an occasion for your guests to share your lessons.

Books must be performed and each design has a bookcase to ensure storage but, above all, to allow circulation. The frame is immobile, but it will certainly try to facilitate mobility. The book is a decorative object until an inspired hand grabs it to enjoy the pleasure of reading it.

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