In Cité, the joy of children, the push of adults

He did not give up. For its seventh and final year at the Festival de la City, Miriam Creedy survives and shows off her hair. He made it clear in the editorial of the show titled “Annoyed, This Beautiful Word”: “We don’t kill the team with artistic necessity, because we don’t kill the will in search of consent.”

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On Tuesday, at the opening of the festival, which runs until Sunday and offers 83 appointments in 18 locations, two proposals embody this muscular line. Elasticity is my assBy the mighty Joel Maillard, and, more spectacularly, Where the goats are tied, they have to graze, An explosive critique of sexism and the invisibility of homosexuality in women’s football. See you on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, with Fronters, For the thrilling and unifying philosophy of the 50th vintage. Seeing huge crowds everywhere, it is better to arrive twenty minutes before the start of the performance.

Animal grace

A fascination. Inside Bestiary, Hitchem Sheriff becomes a chicken, dog, monkey with an annoying naturalness and includes children sitting in the front row in his dance. When in the dog, he gets on his back, a little boy spontaneously scratches his stomach. And when, like a monkey, the dancer steals the flying caps, a freed young spectator throws his own to play.

The acrobat, which subtly expresses the animal in it with discomfort or shaking, fascinates. He’s so “animal” that when he barks, he rewards a real dog in the audience. And, when she roars or screams for death, a little girl cries and asks for her mother’s hand. The artist wanders around the edge of the ring and even takes the liberty when the call of the forest becomes too muffled ক imagining with Jean Mordoze, this single from Compagnie BAL is a must-see. (Wednesday, 6 p.m., and Thursday, 7:30 p.m., North Cathedral).

Crazy drummer

With uniform compassion and hatred Pocket loop, Two swindlers and a crazy drummer for an hour of intelligent tactics. Installed in the Place du Chateau, the trio plays with balls and rings, but in an unexpected way, since the rings are flexible and, once bent and knotted, act as a propelling machine. So, it depends on who will catch the most jumping rings with the trap. The agility of the artists, the insanity of the drummers who start the journey to the infernal solo song and the time bomb direction of the elements shakes the dense audience. (Wednesday, 8:15 pm, Place du Chateau).

The public, many and delighted, is also one of the great delights this Tuesday. Last year, The rain ruined the opening of the festival And, after the reduced version, because Covid, this crowd is comforting – and financially necessary: ​​18% of the 2 2.280 million budget is supposed to come from food and beverage receipts. He massed around at night all the more lively, awesome Sound system Off U R U R U ?, an inclusive lucerne sum that is setting fire to the placenta bonard.

Planned Ethnasia

But, for the moment, at 9pm, we’re rather snoring. One, efficiently organized by Joel Maillard Elasticity is my ass. Romand plans to whistle on the question of programmed euthanasia there. Volunteer is a missing bonus for seniors and we can go for a one-year banquet before the big jump! All this is just a “transtemporal” dream, reassuring the author who is not in his first dreamer Salvo.

Inside Leaving the world, Five years ago, the perverted man had already imagined an orbital station where some privileged people had recreated a perfect world. Apparently, the statue was shattered in the wall of human mediocrity, just like in this lonely one where the traumatic birth of a calf and the dialogues of the providential baby box … Joel Millard, who is still vaccinating God, the flood and the genes of non-violence, is not afraid of anything. Perhaps this is because this free bourgeoisie drank milk from the bottom of a cow, which he then compared to an “adult penis”? (Until this Sunday, St. Maureen Place).

Football and nudity

With Rebecca Shalon, the subject is no less raw. The black artist who rocked the summer festivities in Romandi – who was in Freiburg’s Boulevard and lives in La Bati in Geneva – talks about women’s football in the city. About her sexuality and her inability to visualize the homosexuality that develops in her ranks. Perfect timing since the launch of the Ladies Euro on Wednesday.

On the ground-covered La Chatelain’s great wooden stage, the director begins by wearing the audience’s nerves. For a quarter of an hour, sitting in the bleachers of a renovated stadium, Rebecca Chalon eating pizza, smoking and drinking beer without saying a word, while a French-Austrian woman was projected on screen.

When tired spectators consider leaving the premises, eight amateur footballers come and perform locker room and field rituals. Change, warm up, train, shower. One of them, the captain, stuck in dressing and dressing, offers his nudity to an incredible audience every time, because they are not accustomed to it, where nudity is a clich in contemporary dance. Cultural hit. Like this dirty and funny moment when another player paints his body in French colors and shouts slogans to the fans in an obscene way.

Which line for tomorrow?

But football is also celebrated Where the goats are tied, they have to graze. If only to bring the girls together for her ability, to create a family. And for his taste for overcoming, proven by this player who has managed 130 juggles in a row. In La Cité’s public, lesbian cops give voice, especially when the two captains of each team exchange French kiss 4 minutes to celebrate the promise 30. The other spectators, a little cold, are already gone. (Wednesday, 10.30pm, La Chatelain)

As we have said, from the Theater de l’Ussin in Geneva, Mariam Creedy did nothing in half of her seven cities. We’re delighted to see the line of new director Martin Chalverat, who came from the Vision du Real Festival, in Neon. More than a documentary, the contemporary scene has this adventure that makes you speechless.

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50th pearl

Some important events not to be missed until Sunday:

– “Fronters: Performances where dancing is colonial storytelling, the Mexican-American border and these young people who live on the “bad side”. Platform 10, Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m.

– “Beautiful”: The young choreographer Mercedes Dassie articulates the concept of the crack, which is embodied by the image of half a centaur half cyborg on stage. La Chatelane, Thursday and Friday at 11:30 p.m.

– “Future”: Inspired by a Brazilian religious ritual, this colorful celebration carries a message of freedom and tolerance in dance and grove music. Tridel, Friday at 11 p.m.

– Dua Saleh: Seen in season 3 Sex education, A bizarre figure of Sudanese descent, Dua Saleh has distilled an R’N’B mingled with the enchanted Afro Rev. Grand Canyon, Friday at 10:30 p.m.

– “Goldberg Variety”: Exploring the evolution of dance anchored by Steve Paxton’s famous choreography on Bach’s score and our vision. Cathedral, Sat and Sun at 8 p.m.

And every night Haberdashery ballIn the courtyard of the Collège de la Mercerie.

50th City Festival, Until July 10, Lausanne.

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