L’Envol: 25 years of comfort for sick children

An actor with psychological and social support for critically ill children, Envel was created in 1997. Since its inception, the association has helped more than 18,000 people – children, parents, siblings – break free from their isolation by participating freely for appropriate recreation. Stay or program in safe medical care. The success of the approach is based on the hard work that flows from health professionals and facilitators, all of whom volunteer. With the exception of Axel de la Cathul, a former volunteer who became an employee of the association in 2016 to take charge of coordinating child care nurses. Reading files to know the level of care, assessing work pressure according to children’s pathology and volunteer skills, organizing schedules, contacting parents, team meetings … he orchestrates and participates in all these tasks

The game of diverting care

To arrange accommodation, you must have a doctor, who is currently absent for the weeks scheduled for July-August this year, a team of activity leaders for a group of three or four nurses and 48 children. Since the health crisis, Envol has limited the number of places to 24. While it is possible to pay compensation in 2022 to attract more health professionals, all are volunteers. For Jérôme Teytaud, this is a long-term promise. After being a nurse, riding instructor and social worker since 2015 at Montpellier University Hospital in Pulmonology, she was a volunteer for five years. ” Here, I stay with the kids in activities and take care away through playHe points out. I really found my place there. It really breathes life into me and connects me to the care I want to take on a daily basis. On the site, the work is done in a very different setting. The attendants are not wearing white coats but the costumes of princes and princesses (nurses), kings and queens (doctors) and the treatment room is a castle. It takes time to adjust. ” On site, the same professional rigor as the hospital must be ensuredIDPE has appointed Lauren Alvarez from 2019 on a night shift in the pediatric medicine department of the Gonesse Hospital Center (Val-d’Oise). From a professional point of view, it creates a lot of pressure. You have to be very careful and handle the unexpected. Since returning from my first week as a volunteer, I have taken more account of the out-of-hospital environment and life for hospitalized children. This is the happy medium between giving and receiving experiences. Sure, the young lady will be back for a week this summer.

Feeling “like others”

I have a deep respect for the hospital but it is not a place to stayEmphasizes Axelle de la Kethulle. We often forget that a sick child needs to have fun, make friends, set challenges and miss things. During the stay, the volunteers do their nursing work and work on inclusion with the children. We try to get kids out of their comfort zone so they can outdo themselves. ছে Suffering from serious and disabling diseases (sickle cell disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis) *, children riding horses, dancing, music, plastic art, climbing, theater, TV news making, archery একটি a way to feel like others and forget their illness Go. ” We bring children to life experiences that allow them to have confidence in themselvesSays Jerome Taitoud. These moments will serve them well in the long run. The goal is that their pathology does not take up all the space in their lives. An ambitious approach that yields very positive results (see below). At the end of the position, everyone takes part in the show one way or another. Always with the same red yarn, kindness.

Isabel Sublet

* More than 65 different pathologies have been taken care of since the creation of L’Envol.

To learn more about the association, participate in the programs: www.lenvol.asso.fr/

Convenience for all

Children’s perspectives:

– 86% of children are able to spend many days away from their families

– 89% of children made friends

– 75% of children do not think they are able to do what they did while they were there

– 94% happy while having children, 89% confident and 86% surrounded

Parental perspectives

– 92% of parents find that they have more confidence after having a child

– 81% of parents commented that the position helped their child to assert themselves

– 90% of parents say their child has made friends

– 86% of parents say that their child feels more comfortable with others

Source: Questionnaires on the effects of multipathology remain in 2021 (sick children aged 6-17 years) and dialysis in 2021 (children on dialysis or transplant recipients aged 9-15 years).

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