Montpellier. Pediatrics: Cap Sante joins the Foundation Institute St. Pierre

Harvey Durand, Lamin Gharbi, Professor Michelle Rodier and Laurent Ramon Institute signed the agreement with St. Pierre. (Metropolitan)

This Tuesday, July 5thThe team Cape Health (Which is especially there Montpellier The St. Jean’s Clinic) Has signed an original partnership withSt. Peter’s Institute. This installation has been established on the coast for more than 100 years PalavasWelcome and caring for children. 10,000 young patients Passed through its walls in 2021.

A “shelter foundation” in Herald

“The first pediatric facility for follow-up care and rehabilitation, at the Saint-Pierre Institute today, in France,” recalls its president, Harv Durand. The institute set up a foundation in 2018, dedicated solely to the health and protection of children in the south of the country, but the state also gave it the rather rare status of “shelter foundation” (there are about sixty countries here), thus allowing it to integrate other foundations into its fold.

Cap Sante, 5th Partner

As of this Tuesday, the Institute has laid three other foundations for St. Pierre: Gene-Stay Foundationr’s clinic Dr. Starr), The BioViva Foundation (A Montpellier publisher of educational games) and the Ducks Foundation (an association of upper body myopathy patients) … a fifth foundation therefore joins these health players who are organized to improve the quality of care and support for most young people: Cap Sante FoundationLeading private healthcare group Occitania.

Our foundation, which will be chaired by Professor Michelle Rodier, has a charitable career and wants to develop projects.

Laurent RamonCEO of Cap Sant

In this system, each foundation is independent but the Institute will be able to act as project manager to coordinate St. Pierre: “The law stipulates that every project run by a partner must be legitimate by the St. Pierre Foundation … We are working better together, ”said Harvey Durand.

“We’re going to work better together with the ultimate goal of running joint ventures,” says Harvey Durand. (Metropolitan)

Support project for pediatrics

The Foundation pursues a number of objectives: conducting and supporting research projects, advancing innovation with care and support, making significant efforts to prevent: “The Umbrella Foundation will also carry out awareness campaigns for the great causes of childhood”, Harvey Durand added, adding that it “supports carers To do “as vital.

Cap Sante: A bus to explore Herald

For the Cap Sante group, Lamin Garby and Laurent RamonThe President and General Manager, respectively, reaffirmed the importance of this initiative for pediatric care: “Joining the Institute Saint-Pierre and its Umbrella Foundation is a pledge of confidence for our group”, the General Manager explained: “Our foundation, which will be chaired by Professor Michelle Rodier, Has a charitable profession and wants to develop projects. ”Including building a Cap Santé bus that will travel to the area, and especially in the upper Canton and Medical Desert, on board, with pediatricians.

“In your mission, you can rely on the wishes of the state and the prefect of Herald.”

Hugues MoutouthHerald’s Prefect

Cap Sante wants to sustain and develop his efforts in Africa: “We work on about ten children on this continent every year,” recalls Laurent Ramon. The same view for Lamin Garbi: “I know the St. Pierre Institute well because my little girl was treated here. So this is a special moment for me … but I am sure that we aspire to raise funds through the Foundation and call for projects to develop medical and medico-social care for children and adolescents. Make a constant effort … together, I’m sure we’re going to do great things. A

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Lamine Gharbi plans to create a large foundation gala to raise funds. Will it work?

Present at the signing of Cap Santa, Herald’s prefect emphasized the importance of this initiative “supported by the state because it responds well to the general interest … I see that this structure in Palavas is ideal for sick children … In your mission, you state and You can rely on the welfare of Herald’s prefect.

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