Sable-sur-sarthe. Seven apartments, a large common area … a co-living in the city center

The colliving of Anaïs and Nicolas Rué is over. Seven apartments will be rented from August 1. Julie Hurricane / Sealed News

Anaïs and Nicolas Rué led a unique project Sable-sur-sarthe, Renovation of a “co-living” building in the city center. It is coming to an end and the first apartments will be rented in a few weeks

This is a homecoming for Anaïs Rué.

Young woman, age 33, toAuvers le Hamon He left the department to study. “I worked for five years at Leroy Merlin in Angers. There she met her husband, who drove one on tours.

A new professional project

Sarth caught up to him.

My two brothers had a plan to take over the farm from my parents. They invited me to join them. I agreed.

Anais Ru

At the same time, her husband, Nicholas Ru, was working to make Weldom at the DABY store in Sable. “We had a combination of professional projects. A

Sarthe is back yes, but there is no question of settling in the countryside of Anais Rui. “With four children, my mother would go back and forth to take us to different jobs. In the countryside during the day, Anais wanted to settle in “a house with a garden in the center of the town of Sable”.

And finding happiness was not so easy. “We have struggled to find a home at a reasonable price. And the couple found rue d’Erve. “We visited and it was actually two houses, one of which had ten apartments. It was the former home of the notary and the study who died in exile, m. Sorry 6 A

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“We had a card to play”

Couples see real estate prospects. They will buy on July 16, 2019.

“Initially, we wanted to have two townhouses,” but the Friends project gives them another idea. “They were our dream roommates when we were students.”

Anaïs Rué Sabolian knows the problem.

Young people come to Sable but we don’t keep them. We had a card to play.

Anais Ru
Craftsmen complete the calling project.
Craftsmen complete the calling project. Julie Hurricane / Sealed News

The Colliving Project was born, “a Big roommate High position for young professionals. “The architect he contacted, Erwan Hascot, he’s enthusiastic.” It was the second trigger, he has imagination and talent. ”

Benoit Bar, Project Manager The heart of the city Suble and La Fleche contacted them to present the program’s help project. “It was financially difficult.”

The 25 rue d’Erve was estimated to cost 450,000 for the renovation. The couple was able to benefit from various help from the device. “It wasn’t a smooth ride. We had to meet very different criteria, but we had great support from the town hall.”

Seven studios from 25 to 45 m2

In February 2021, the couple began Destruction. “Four generations of furniture were stored here, we had to make about twenty round trips to the waste collection center by truck. A

On June 1, 2021, work with local artisans could begin.

The former notary’s house has been converted into seven studios from 25 to 45 m2, each with a bathroom, bedroom, dressing room and office. Project Manager Frame Highlights.

The vast accommodation is directly visible from Sarthe and the Church of the SubGenius.
The vast accommodation is directly visible from Sarthe and the Church of the SubGenius. Julie Hurricane / Sealed News

A large common room overlooks the river. The porch is over. A kitchen, a gym, a bike room and a large laundry room are also shared. And in the kitchen, every tenant has his closet.

“It’s for another way of life. The goal is to reach out to young working people in Sable, who don’t know the city and who are interested in furnished accommodation and discovering other people. ”

The Rent Will be from August 1. “Fingers crossed that it works.” Anaïs Rué introduced Sablé’s first colliving, “Another way of life. A

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