Seasonal wounds in children: These are advised to avoid

Prrigo Strofulus or Seasonal Prigigo Simply put, many children are affected by seasonal wounds in the rainy season. To learn more about the disease, of course benign but very uncomfortable for children, we met Dr. Salmata Bara’s wife Tiendrebego, a doctor-dermatologist practicing at Zinner’s regional hospital. In this interview he gave some tips to avoid these seasonal plagues. Read instead! When we talk about seasonal plague, what do we talk about?

Dr. Bara: What newcomers call seasonal wounds, we call it seasonal prurigo or prurigo strofulus in our jargon. It is a dermatosis (dermatitis) that is sometimes manifested by the appearance of acne with very severe itching and these acne are especially seen on the parts of the body that are most accessible, especially the exposed, exposed parts (legs, arms), arms)

Why this acne occurs especially in the rainy season?

They appear this season because there is stagnant water everywhere during this period which is conducive to the proliferation of agents responsible for mosquitoes in our context. There are many more mosquitoes at this time and people are bitten by mosquitoes. It explains the frequency of this disease at this time of year.

However, it should be noted that some parasites may also be responsible for this disease (flies, bedbugs, mites).

Are these sores seen only in children or do adults suffer from them?

The term “prigo strophulus” is specific to children. It is a disease that occurs especially in the age group of 2 to 10 years. We get this disease in adults but we talk about acute or chronic prurigo. In the case of children, we do not tend to investigate to find out other etiologies related to the disease, but in the case of adults our investigation is led.

Can this disease be serious?

It is a disease that is benign but very uncomfortable because it is a disease that leads to a lot of itching. And the fact that it scratches, it can worsen the baby’s quality of life, disrupt his sleep. In addition to the uncomfortable aspect of the disease, it is not serious. However, it can still be as complex as other diseases. Seasonal prurigo is manifested by acne, sores appear after scratching.

Through scratching, they can irritate the skin and this is what creates sores. These lesions can be the point of entry of germs that cause the lesions to become over-infected. Superinfection is when there are microbial agents and pus forms in the wounds. This is why sores sometimes occur with pus and if not treated properly it can cause other complications.

Do you take the advice of many children with this disease?

Even in the rainy season like now we get a lot of advice. During this time many children suffer from it.

Why are some children more prone to this disease and others are not?

In fact, in reality the disease is secondary to hyperactivity. These babies respond to mosquito saliva. You should know that we do not have the same immune system, skin type is different so according to all these other children will be allergic and others will not.

How is care taken, is it not complicated?

Support is not complicated. It must be said that when we see the baby, we evaluate his condition and based on what we get, we prescribe treatment (medications against scratching, topical corticosteroids and antibiotics if necessary). It must be said, however, that there is no point in advising treatment without concomitant measures.

And what is this concomitant arrangement?

To protect children from mosquito bites during this period by using mosquito repellent creams, we must spray our living environment, make sure it is clean. Clothing should be worn to protect them from bites. They must wear pants, long sleeves. It is especially these concomitant measures that are crucial and that will help end the disease.

What is the advice for parents whose children suffer from seasonal wounds?

Parents of children suffering from this disease must first of all protect their children from mosquito bites, wear long-sleeved pants and clothes for them and prevent them from going out at a certain time of night because there are many more mosquitoes. The living environment needs to be cleaned. Children should sleep under a mosquito net. However, if these acne and sores occur, we urge you to consult them for better care.

The interview was conducted by Justin Bonkoungou

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