Why it’s not really graduating anymore but Parcoursup that family is concerned

It is one of the strongest chestnut trees. This 5th of July, at the beginning of every summer, many graduate candidates rush to the high school to check if their names are among the admissions and to find out their possible references! Stimulation of transient scenes of captivated exuberance or intense frustration captured by television cameras.

But if this practice persists year after year, times have changed. It is now less than 30% in 1980, with more than 80% of those in age receiving a diploma. And for many families, the main concern now has another name: Parcoursup. It is on this platform that final year students register their desire to pursue higher studies from January to March. The results of the assignments that they then receive there – from June 8 this year – are thus often much more decisive for their future than the final graduation exam that reaches them.

Must graduate today, but not enoughLaurent Zameczkowski, Vice-President (PIP) of the Federation of Parents of Public Education Students. The pressure of parents is increasing for their children to get a place in higher education. If students graduate but have no assignments, they run the risk of repeating the terminal. A

Candidates without admission offer

As of July 5, according to statistics from the Ministry of Higher Education, 89% of high school students educated in a French institution in France or abroad and registered in Parcoursup have received at least one admission offer. Although the admissions period ends July 15, more than 60,000 of them remain without recruitment for the next school year. Among the students seeking reorganization are those who still do not mention empty-handed or foreign-educated candidates who register their will at Parcoursup.

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What makes the union angry. ” Graduation is supposed to ensure access to higher education, but that is no longer the case today.UNEF, the National Union of Students of France, condemned in a press release. Outside of high school students, Parcoursup has thousands of candidates who have been left out due to a lack of adequate space and a disastrous selection at the entrance to higher education. Calls for student organization A total of 130,000 places in licenses, including substantial financial investment in BTS and IUT higher education, up to 2 billion per year for ten years “And” Elections canceled at the entrance to higher education

Complementary stage

Reconstruction, whether for students or high school students, the figures are better than the same period 2021nuance Jérôme Teillard, Parcoursup Project Manager, Ministry of Higher Education. We shortened our response time when applicants received an offer and took steps to begin the process. Thus vacancies for candidates on the waiting list to be vacated more quickly.

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Jérôme Teillard recalls that the additional phase of the Parcoursup, which opened on June 23 this year and extended until mid-September, allows young people to create new desires in training courses where space is still available. ” In 2021, more than 82,000 candidates participated in the supplementary phase and received an admission offer “Withdrawal of Parcoursup site. From July 1, candidates without an offer of admission can also contact the Higher Education Access Commission at Academies, which will support them and offer their solutions in terms of vacancies.

“Tough competition”

But often, receiving an offer is not enough. ” There are not many of the families who contact us whose children have not received any offerLaurent Zameczkowski agrees. On the other hand, many people did not like what they really wanted. And parent representatives continue: There is a discrepancy between the needs of students in higher education and the space available. There is intense competition for the electoral stream. A

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If admissions start well before the final results of graduation, Jérôme Teyssier still thinks that, since their publication on Tuesday, the signs of graduation before receipt are ” Integrated automatically In parcoursup. Candidates are still waiting for proposals so few are the ones for whom the final exam numbers can really make an impact.

The introduction of a 40% continuous assessment and the creation of a specialization test in March in the new version of graduation was intended to take into account a larger portion of each student’s graduate performance at Parcoursup. But this year, due to the Covid-19, the final year specialty test was postponed to May.

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