“Childhood dreams come true”

Henry Dupes made his debut in an exclusive interview a few days after signing his first professional contract with Amiens SC. 11 Amiens. Pride of being committed to his training club, his injury management and his vision for the future, the 18-year-old midfielder all stir up these issues. Maintenance.

Henry, signing his first professional contract is always an important step in a career …

It was a first purpose that was close to my heart. It fulfilled childhood dreams. Now, I will work to continue my progress. I signed up with my training club, where I came from when I was 12 years old. I am really proud to be here to sign my first professional contract at Amiens.

Last winter, there were requests from other clubs. Did you hesitate when you signed up with Amiens SC?

I left the request with my agent. I focused on the pitch, the game. When signing up, I focused on the best option and that was Amiens.

A knee injury late last season slowed your debut in the first team. How do you live with this?

At first it was difficult. When I was injured, I asked myself a lot of questions but I moved on quickly. I was lucky enough not to have surgery and now I have to focus on my rehabilitation. I work indoors every day to get back stronger than before.

What are your plans to try to get back as soon as possible?

For now, we are fully focused on rehabilitation. We have not set a return date, we will report a progress with the doctor and physiotherapist a little later. I think we’ll see him on the pitch again in the fall. Anyway, I’m not bothering with it now. Everything is prioritizing rehabilitation in its time and at the moment.

My parents are proud of this achievement and it is the most important thing for me.

Your signature has caused a lot of reactions in the microclimate around the club. As a native Samaritan and club child, do you feel extra expectations?

I felt a lot of support after my injury, I got a lot of messages. As a player growing up in this region, signing his first professional contract may also be different. My parents are proud of this achievement and it is the most important thing for me. Now just the beginning, not the end here.

You signed your first professional contract when Amiens SC decided to make room for its young players. This is definitely the right time to get a place in the first team as some have been able to prove in recent months …

When we take the example of Mathieu (Gantippe), he came to Tipto without a word and today he is installed after playing many matches in League 2. It’s somewhat the same thing for Wayne (Jean). This is necessarily an example, even if I have my own trajectory to follow. We’ll see where this can take me, with me focusing on what I need to do to recover from the injury. We’ll see later where this can take me and how long I can play.

Two years ago, Mathis Lachua was in the same condition as you due to an injury at the very beginning of his first professional season …

That’s it and he was able to cope with his injury and come back. This injury will not stop my season, my progress or my career. This is a real opportunity to avoid the operation and the season is long. For now, I’m not trying to figure out if I’m going to play. We need to see how the season progresses without putting pressure on ourselves.

Is this an opportunity to integrate into a professional group where there are many young players?

It’s an opportunity for adaptation. Many of us already know each other from the academy, even considering those who were there two or three years ago, those who went on loan and those who came back. In everyday life, it makes things easier. I was inspired by the idea of ​​coming back to integrate the team into training.

How do you deal with this jump in the professional world, moreover League 2, a championship that is known to be rough?

I don’t ask myself too much about the championship question and its specialty. Currently, I am moving forward day by day without projecting myself too much.

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