Haute-Garonne: To reopen it, Ramée Green Base has been placed under close surveillance

The swimming area at Lac de la Ramée will reopen this Saturday, July 9th. While waiting for the first swimmers, the town halls of Toulouse Métropole and Tournefeuille are emphasizing safety. Lifeguards and agents will be deployed throughout the summer to prevent drowning.

This Saturday, a few days before the opening on July 9, the Rami bathing area is undergoing a change. Seasonal workers are fine-tuning the final details before welcoming the public. On a ladder, a few employees are setting up loudspeakers. Others are making final preparations for a site that will serve as a sanitary facility. The fine sand is ready for the towel, and the lawn is mowed. Preparations are almost over.

Before the start signal, Toulouse metropolis should only emphasize security. “There is a place reserved for swimming. Outside of this place, everyone takes a risk, ”warns Dominic Fuchs, mayor of Turnfuel.

Every year, Lac de la Ramée sees a lot of drowning. To avoid these tragedies, which occur regularly outside the bathing area, Toulouse is playing metropole prevention cards. Marks have been set up along the lake and patrols will surround the body of water to prevent unsupervised swimming.

Security first?

“Every year, most of those who drown at the site bathe outside the surveillance area. For us, 40 hectares is difficult to monitor, ”argued Philip Planted, vice-president of Metropolis, which is in charge of the leisure base.

For this summer, Toulouse Métropole and the Town Hall of Tournefeuille have set up a system. The bathing place will be overseen by 7 lifeguards who will tour to welcome the public in an elaborate time slot. 12 security guards will prevent any rudeness. At night, a dog handler will also round. “Of course, we also apply for responsibilities. Summer is going to be hot, but we want to respect the rules. Bathing out of space is very dangerous, ”Philip Planted insisted.

Toulouse Metropol has spent around 260,000 euros to install this system. The supervised area can accommodate more than 1,500 people. In two months, about 20,000 bathers come into the waters of this controlled area.

Swimming with strict rules

In the threat of drowning, but especially among the inconsistencies on the beach, it was also necessary to establish a regulation. And at this point, the laws are like a swimming pool in a metropolitan municipality. Swimming is prohibited for unaccompanied children under the age of ten. Only swimwear will be allowed. Formal prohibition on getting wet while fully clothed.

“It is important to allow swimming in good condition. We will do our best to enforce the regulations. There will be random checks by the police, but it will be difficult to control every square meter of the base, ”the mayor of Tornfuel warned. La Rami’s green base bathing area will remain open until August 28th.

Information: La Rami Plaza is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., July 9 to August 28. In addition to the bathing area, a ping-pong table, basketball court and a bowling alley are provided by Toulouse Metropol.

Late to open the beach?

While some have been waiting for weeks for La Rami beach to open, others have not been asked. During periods of high heat, in May or June, several bathers swim in the immediate waters of Lak de la Rami. Before opening the supervised area, many of them get cold during heat waves. An unconscious gesture for the Toulouse metropolis, which is condemned in our columns, is the lack of caution of certain swimmers. To compensate for this risk, Metropolis is considering opening early in 2023. “We are still studying the file, but it is possible that in 2023, the supervised space will open in June instead of July,” confirmed the mayor of Tournefeuille.

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