How much does a nanny, donkey mat or baby sitter cost?

How much do you have to pay your nanny or childminder according to your region? Follow our guide to find your way around child care fees and pricing in France.

Rising nanny and childminder prices

According to a new study from the Family Jobs Observatory published on July 7, 2022, Child caregivers are paid an average of 3.70 euros per child, 4th quarter of 2021. Increased 2% in one year. But the salaries of childminders vary significantly from one region to another, with a difference of 45% between the cheapest category and the other more expensive. The price in Sarthe and Orne is actually 3.10 euros, 4.50 euros in reunions or haute courses and more than 4 euros in 15 categories like Hautes-de-Sain, Bouches-du-Rh ,ne, Guyana, Alpes-de-Haute. Provence, Alps-Maritimes. Thus, about 966,000 parents have taken refuge in maternal assistants, cheaper than nanny at home. When it comes to the price of Ayad, the net worth actually needs to be calculated at 9.70 euros, According to the Federation of Individual Employers of France (Fepem), growth has increased by 2.2% in one year, with 123,000 parents using a nanny to look after their children.

How much should a childminder pay?

Note that from July 1, 2022, The net hourly wage of a childminder cannot be less than 3.06 Euros in total And 3.18 if it is a “child care assistant” subject to joint agreement and legal provisions. Employer parents must pay for paid leave, and a maintenance allowance (47 3.47 per child for a 9-hour day) as well as food costs … More than 86% of parents of young children are chosen by child-minders. The preferred mode of child care for the French, according to the latest Yoopies site study. Childminders do not have a net salaryOnly a very slight increase Compared to 2020 (+ 0.84%). The least expensive zone remains, as in the previous two years, Pace de la Loire And Normandy : € 3.30 and 3.32 per hour and per child. The top of the podium also remains unchanged. Corsica, In the most expensive area, parents have to pay € 4.48 per hour to take care of their little ones. PACA region and Ile-de-France Complete the podium at নিজ 4.22 and € 4.01 per hour and at their respective rates per child.

Fees for childminders in 2021 by region Yoopies

How much money does a nanny have to pay?

The average cost of home child care in France has increased 9.42 € / hourThat’s it Increased 1.18% in one year. The list of least expensive regions remains unchanged: Hautes-de-France (9 € / hour), Largest (9.03 € / hour) and Burgundy-French-Comte (9.09 € / hour). For the most expensive regions, Islands of France (€ 9.51 / hour) takes first place, then territory PACA (€ 9.45 / hour) and Brittany (€ 9.40 / hour) entering the front runners for the first time. These charges, with which social charges have to be added, are thus too high for most families, where up to 15 months after the basic assistance (50% tax credit) benefit is paid.

Home care rates in 2021 by region
Home care rates in 2021 by region Yoopies

Let us remember this too From August 1, 2018 And considering the increase in the minimum wage, Increased child care at home. Nanny has to pay now Gross gross of 10.21 euros per hour, In contrast to the previous 9.98 euros (which then corresponded to 7.67 euros net), according to the site By). This salary increase follows an amendment published in the Official Journal on January 12, 2018. The amount also depends on other criteria : Number of children taken care of at home, her professional experience … During the interview, do not hesitate to ask the nanny for the salary you want and offer a price range on your behalf, which will allow you to adjust and negotiate. Finally, once the nanny is found, all that remains is to establish a contract that will make it possible to specifically define it. Salary terms Daily or mileage allowance, paid holidays, transportation costs, meals … Before setting your grandmother’s price, start by asking your friends who hire a nanny at home. Also be aware that day-care prices vary by region. You must then set the salary according to this criterion in order to be consistent with the hourly wage practiced near you.

What is the hourly rate for a babysitter?

Baby care and help from Caf

On a budget, you should know that parents who hire a nanny benefit from certain things Help from the cafe And one Tax deduction Up to 50%. However, keep in mind that these costs must be advanced because tax returns are not made until next year. Finally, parents of children under the age of 6 who work and who take care of their child by a nanny Guard Mode Compliment (CMG). The monthly amount provided by Caf is calculated according to your income, number of dependent children and their age, site information

Child care and tax credit

However, if the government is going to implement a reform in January 2022 to speed up the tax credit for all personal services (household, home help for dependents, gardening, etc.), child care is the only activity of children that is not included! Excluding parents, Individual employers do not have to wait another year to receive the benefit of paying their tax credit : They will pay only 50% of the cost of the service, the state is taking care to pay the other half directly to the employee.

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