How much does child care, baby mother or nanny parents cost?

An average of 3.70 euros per child is welcome: this is the average net hourly wage paid by parents for infant mothers in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to the latest data released by the Family Employment Observatory on July 7. Increased 2% per year.

This average salary varies by about 45% between the cheapest and most expensive categories – from 3.10 euros in Sarthe and Orne to out-courses and 4.50 euros in reunions. In total, it surpassed 4 euros in fifteen other categories (including Hauts-de-Sain, Bouches-du-Rh ,ne, Guyana, Cors-du-Sud, etc.). In the middle of the Paris range, at 3.80 euros.

“It’s a game of supply and demand that mainly explains the significant disparities between regions. The reception offer is very unevenly distributed and there is intense tension locally.”, Details Isabel Puech, director of the Observatory, which comes under the Federation of Individual Employers of France (FEPEM). The figures are based on salary information sent by the Ursaf National Fund. “BabyMinder is the first way to welcome young children out of the family”As Isabelle Puech mentions, about 966,000 parents use it.

As a net hourly wage for child care at home (parental home), another potential individual child care method, in the last quarter of 2021 it netted an average of 9.70 euros, an increase of 2.20% in one year. The differences between the categories are small, from 8.60 euros on the cross to 10.20 euros in Haute-Savoie. According to Phepem, about 123,000 parents use this option.

Two financial arguments

Be careful, even if in both cases the salary is subject to negotiation between the two parties, the employee and the employer, these two types of child care work, financially, in very different ways, which can complicate the comparison for parents.

ChildMinder’s net hourly wage is minimal (i.e., from 1)er July 2022, 3.06 euros gross, and 3.18 euros if the professional’s professional title is “Maternal Child Care Assistant”), which depends on legal provisions and joint contracts. This must be supplemented with other components of the parent’s remuneration: paid leave, a mandatory maintenance allowance (at least 3.47 euros per child for nine hours, especially to cover the cost of water and energy, materials), often food. Expenses, etc. Every child is understood.

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In general, parents do not contribute social security for their child. They may benefit from the free choice of the Child Care Supplement (CMG) provided by the Family Allowance Fund for each child under the age of six who is thus cared for; The amount varies according to the age of the child and the wealth of the family. Other financial assistance provided: 50% tax credit (CMG deducted) on expenses, limited to 1,150 euros per child.

Parents caring for a child at home, often referred to as “home nanny”, must pay their employee a basic hourly wage – 1 to a total of 10.88 July – regardless of the number of caring children. However, in terms of “shared custody” the costs can be divided between the two families. Added to this is part of the cost of transportation and part of the contribution involved in the salaries of their employees and the payment of social contributions.


This is the proportion of child care providers at home who say their salary is determined in consultation with their employer, while 20% of those who care for children at home say they set their own salary, and the remaining 20% ​​say it was a home-based job. On the attraction, according to an online survey conducted by the Home Employment Observatory in May 2022, parents who make decisions.

Here, too, parents can get a CMG (one in the family, even if two children are cared for by the nanny) and the remaining 50% can benefit from the tax credit, here limited to 7,500 euros from two dependent children (9,000 euros for the first year of which Time a home-based employee is hired).

Expected child care costs increase

If they can give an idea, a reference, parents are currently looking for childcare for the start of the school year, these average pay amounts recorded in the last quarter of 2021 will not be practiced at the beginning of the school year, the new revaluation minimum wage grids are actually February and May 2022 From the discussion, especially due to the increase in the minimum wage, associated with inflation (final revaluation will be implemented soon), Phepem explained.

The federation further hopes that in the coming months and years, the cost of childcare for parents associated with rising energy and food prices will increase, but above all, more structurally, for the lack of professionals.

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“I’m anticipating intense tensions in the market. We’re entering the lack of childminders that we’ve been announcing for some time. It’s already clear in the west of the country.”Phepem president Marie-Beatrice Lavax mourned. “By 2030, 44% of practitioners will be of retirement age. Thus, about 125,870 professionals will have to be replaced, which will maintain the unique reception capacity for young children as it is today.”

To facilitate recruitment, he continued, “In particular, we need to adapt to the needs of a new generation of professionals who, for example, have less desire to work at home and more desire to develop as a team, which is possible within the structure of a child’s home.”.

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He warned: “All of these elements will increase the remaining charges for parents, until the government decides to re-evaluate the CMG, to re-balance it in terms of assistance given to parents of children in crutches. [directement incluse dans le tarif de la crèche et fonction des ressources de la famille]. A

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