More than 7 euros per child per month for the family

Social parameters adapted this Friday, July 1st Only family allowances are increasing. These increased by 2.5%.

Increase family allowance

Melody Maujan

Social parameters adapted this Friday, July 1st Only family allowances are increasing. These increased by 2.5%.

From this July, parents will receive about 7 euros – just 6.96 euros – more per child per month. The social parameters were actually adapted on July 1st.

The family allowance will be increased by 2.5% from this July.

The amount of family allowance has been adjusted to the cost of living and has been indexed to inflation since last autumn. Last week, the National Institute of Statistics said, “Adaptation of family allowances takes place in the month following its publication.” This is already the third increase in volume in seven months.

Under the new system, applicable from 1 August 2016, the amount allocated per child per family and per month is now 285.41 euros. As of April, this sum was 278.45 euros. So it represents an increase of about 7 euros.

411.53 euros for five children

The amount is also increasing this month for families affected by the old system. For a family with two children, the monthly sum is 320.11 euros (+ 15.61). For a family of three children, the amount is 370.90 euros (+ 27.14 €). The main parents of a large family will receive 396.34 euros (+ 38.67 euros) for four children and 411.53 euros (+ 50.17 euros) for five children from this month.

Among the social parameters, only the family allowance has been increased, as provided by the tripartite agreement. Surcharge 2.5%.

Of note, however, residents will receive an “Energy Tax Credit” this month, which is part of a package of measures taken by the government to compensate for rising electricity prices.

One more payment has been made this month

The credit will be € 84 per month, with salaries or pensions between € 936 and € 44,000 per year. For an income bracket of € 44,001 to € 68,000 per year, this credit would be at least € 76 per month. Credit for salaries and pensions over € 100,000 per year will be gradually reduced to 0.

Energy tax credit will be paid for the first time this month. Payment will continue until April, when the next indicator will be triggered.

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