Prices for college students outside the sector increase by 100%

They welcomed the news on the radio. Sara and her daughter were driving after learning of the Meurthe-et-Moselle Divisional Council’s decision to maintain free school transport for middle school students. The latter, in fact, has recently chosen to take charge of the residue carried by the family, i.e. a sum of € 94 per student run by the region. Parents of other departments in the Grand-East region now have this single rate for delivery of their child to their sector institution.

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121 to 244

After the good news, the pain came. This care is due to their daughter being educated in the private sector, her family is not entitled to it. So he has to pay 4 244 out of his own pocket as opposed to 1 121 last year so that the little one can get on the flu bus that takes him to Boserville College, 4 kilometers from Lennoncourt. “Our Sector College is located in Dombasle, twice as far away and opposite our workplaces in Tomblain and Lanuville. It was certainly more expensive to enroll him in Art-Sur-Meurth, but it was also easier to manage daily life. More expensive, he didn’t think at the time.

“Prices go up by 20% or even 30% due to high fuel prices, I admit, if I had been explained, this would have angered this mother of three. But, there, we went 100% from one year to the next and we were not warned at all! We can’t estimate the cost. A

Pricing according to income: a qualification of the region

When asked about the possible implementation of school transportation cost-adjustment arrangements for middle school students according to family quotas, the services of the Departmental Council of Meurthe-et-Moselle underline that “cost-effectiveness is for both eligible and non-eligible students entitled to family. It is the responsibility of the Grand East Regional Council to consider income. ”

They recall that “the department has chosen, and it is unique in the scale of the Grand East Region, to take responsibility for all participation requested from the families of eligible students, a quality that relies exclusively on enrollment in an institution.” The choice to go to school does not allow such support. ” Whether “personally as public”.

“Some people don’t have the price, others have double! A

He also annoyed the abolition of payments every semester. “I tried to find a place to pay, but the only thing Flu Services offered me was an unreasonable deadline. One is June 29, the second is July 5 and the third is August 5, what does that mean? She is thinking. What is the justification of price increase in such proportions. The argument of “concern for safety” of tariffs offered on the region’s website does not satisfy it.

There, whether the trip lasts 9 minutes or an hour, we pay the same …


So after the region, at the root of the decision. He’s also after the department for contacting a free service that isn’t really a concern for everyone. “It doesn’t cost anything for some, but it costs twice as much for others! We could have imagined that in the face of rising prices, স্কুল 94 would be paid for each schoolboy on the bus,” the family’s mother advised. Or depending on the distance traveled, ”he imagines again.“ There, whether the trip lasts 9 minutes or an hour, we pay the same … ”One of his flu agents 1 প্রতি per school day is calculated for those who are informed of the changes ৷ 0.50 cents is too much for a family whose children’s education in the private sector is already involved in leaving elsewhere.

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