Supersell has invested another $ 37 million in the space app games

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Clash of Clans creators have increased their stake in Space App Games by 75% by investing an additional $ 37 million in Supersell Game Studio.

The London-based Space Monkey Games is in expansion mode and is making headlines like the mobile rhythm game Bitstar, as well as rival titles and old titles like Transformers: Earth Wars. Supercell, the majority owner of Tencent, invested $ 56.6 million in 2017 for a 62.6% stake in Space App Games.


John Arner, CEO of Space App Games, said in an interview with GamesBeat, “Argument is the first and foremost success of Bitstar Games, because we’ve worked, learned and mastered a division of music games for years.” “We have had success in this area and we promise that we will continue to improve in this area. Throughout the game, we are working on expansion for the future. It’s really believable for us and for Supersell.

Now the studio is worth even more, and Supercell is also expanding the এ 50 million credit line to Space App Games, with total debt and equity investments reaching $ 189 million. Space Ape will use the extra funds and credits to grow its team and expand marketing.

“The funding will really help us continue this success,” Earner said. “I think the second thing behind this story is confidence and excitement about what else we do, how much we’ve grown out of the music department over the last few years and a few other things that we do. So in the end it’s a message of success. Growing up helps us to struggle for success.

Since its worldwide release in August 2021, Beatstar of the Space App Games has reached No. 1 overall in 24 countries, reached the top 10 out of 70, and has become the world’s highest-grossing music game. The popular Rhythm title has been played by more than 30 million people, topped the 60 million mark and won the Best Game of the Year at the 2022 Mobile Game Awards.

The music industry has taken notice and adopted Bitstar as the primary platform for music discovery, Arner said. The Black Eyed Peace, Shakira and David Guetta chose to debut with their song, Don’t worryExclusively on Bitstar two days before publication on any other platform.

Boom Beach: Frontline is a bizarre new action game created by Supercell’s Space App Games.

These day and date song drops typically cause 400,000 fan engagements with pre-recorded links used to create new releases, and song plays can account for 25-40% of streams on Spotify and YouTube in the first week of a song.

“The trust and respect that Supersell has shown us over the years is extraordinary,” Earner said. “They have supported us in pursuing our ambitions in ways that have given us the opportunity to improve, and this renewed investment will usher in a new era in the space app; In many ways we are still at the beginning of a larger journey.

“We couldn’t be more impressed with the space app team, their culture and their ability to create innovative and incredibly fun games like Bitstar,” said Jakko Harlas, Supercell’s chief investment officer, in a statement.

Several members of the Supersell team are deeply involved in the development of Bitstar. The game integrates SupersellID so players can share scores and challenge groupmates from Bitstar. Beatstar also has remixes of theme songs from Supersell Games, with more to come soon, along with events, tournaments and other music genres.

Space Ape is a free mobile game developer and publisher founded in 2012 The company has a team of 120 people who work on various game projects The Space App games have generated over 105 million downloads to date and grossed over $ 300 million.

I have to go far

John earner
John Earner, CEO of Space App

A new title in the works is the multiplayer mobile action game Boom Beach: Frontline.

Earner said the company had a few different games to work on at some point, but Bitstar’s success prompted the team to focus more. To continue working on other projects, Space Ape Games must expand. He hires people.

The Beatstar game took about four years to complete. The team had to reboot itself during the project to get the gameplay right. And the company had to figure out how to allow music. The rebooted Beatstar took about 2.5 years to come to market, finally debuting in August 2021.

Earner says he enjoys working owned by Supersell. He said the collaboration is working well and there is plenty of support.

“That’s the best partner,” he said.

Over the past five years, Earner says the mobile gaming market has become “incredibly mature” and “extremely profitable.”

“It’s a huge global industry in terms of number of players and money,” he said. “It’s highly relevant, if not more so. It is also incredibly competitive. But the barriers to entry and the skills and knowledge needed to make a great game, the size of the team needed to maintain it, have all become much greater in the last five years. It’s pretty scary. And it’s incredibly effective.

He said it has become harder for small businesses to succeed, but it’s great that more than three billion people are playing the game.

“I don’t see anything that could replace mobile as the mass gaming device of choice for most people on the planet,” he said. “I want to see AR platforms come out just like the next entrepreneurs But the reality is that mobile is an incredibly easy way to reach billions of people.

He said companies need to find ways to serve players who are not being served adequately. They need to focus on their community and better ways to market the games.

Supersell Space App
Supersell and Space App Games have joined as partners.

I’ve asked if Apple’s privacy is changing – which affects identifiers for advertisers (IDFA) – and if it makes the mobile gaming industry more fragile because it makes it harder for new users to acquire new users. Games. This is why Arner felt it was important to integrate SupersellID into the Bitstar game and allow the team to learn more about the players.

“Bitstar is an incredibly interesting title for the mass market, and I think the bigger and more mass your market is, the less target you have to be,” he said.

He said the team needs to expand and bring in more experts. Bitstar has 30 people and it could probably grow. He said the company does not work on blockchain-related projects.

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