This Thursday, July 7, the course school in Cosne-sur-Loire is over

Like the whole of France, the students of the Rene-Leclerc school of the course left the institution’s bench this Thursday, July 7, to take advantage of the summer vacation. But at the beginning of the school year, unlike many comrades, these fourteen children will not return to their classes, as the municipality decided to vote to close the site at its meeting on Thursday, February 10th. A decision that the director and the only teacher in the office, Véronique Duchemin did not really understand, after rehabilitation last year.


“It simply came to our notice then. The choice of academic inspection was left to the municipality, ”recalls the school teacher, who is claiming her right to retire. “Either close a class in town, or close this class, so the school. The town hall decided to close it when elected officials usually fight to keep their school, ”underlined a former aide to Didier Beguin, who praised the support of the two opposition parties but was disappointed with the support of the unions. “With younger brothers and younger sisters, at the beginning of the school year, the number was twenty students. And the biggest staff is in small parts. A

Premium The closure of the course school was approved by the Municipal Council of Cosne-sur-Loire

He, who has been the director of this course school for twenty-eight years, has further regretted that the majority had to bring the school down for a quick decision. “I hope it is not related to their future project. If another municipality decides to create a new subdivision, children will be sent left to right while having a very developed site. The children benefited from the same education as in the city. We had access to museums, media libraries, sports halls. “

Not to mention that during global warming and high temperatures, Veronica Duchemin recalls that she “was able to take the students on vacation in the grass, under the trees. It’s still better than a concrete yard surrounded by four walls.” Science lessons allow you to go straight to nature. “When we were talking about a house, we went to the bush without a word and we looked at it. It’s better than a picture on a wall.”

“We know families too”

The former vice-president of the Community of Communities, who has seen three classes at Rene Leclerc’s school close one after another, wants to point out that “education is not the same with a small workforce when confronted with a class. Thirty children. We immediately identified difficulties. “We can figure out in a year, we know where to put the package. It was a La Carte school. We know the families. We don’t address everyone the same way because we know their history.”

The story of the course and its school ended on Thursday, July 7th. If in previous years, Veronica Duchemin only offered a gift to students who left the institution, this year, everyone left with a gift. Last Friday, fourteen schoolgirls from a very small part of kindergarten to CP also shared school toys and Amicale des petits Coursois gifted them with money collected year after year.

Premium In Cosne-sur-Lower, Michelle Venue and Hicham Buzlilat did not have the same reading of the regional court auditor’s report …

The former elected official, who wants to reinvent himself in municipal life as well as in the life of the Cosnois Association, reports his students discussing their future. “A little girl wondered what things would be like in her new school. His girlfriend reassured him that he was going to join his older sister. I know some people will adapt very well. They will only need one vacation to identify places. Others will suffer more. And continue to retire young. “Only five children will study in the same school. Not everyone will go to Paul-Dumer as the majority hopes. Some are registered in Myennes, Villechaud, Saint-Père, Alligny-Cosne. A

Veronica Duchemin, who replaced her CP teacher for her first position, whom she wants to teach, has until Friday, July 15, to complete her boxes. “My personal educational documents, I will give them to a young man who started kindergarten in the Paris area. “Before you can go on a trip. And in his suitcase, he won’t slip memories for his students, as he used to.”

Rene-Leclerc. At the request of the mayor at the time, the course school was renamed Rene-Leclerc after work by Veronica Duchemin and her students. The teacher will give Madame Fornier documents related to this fighter who died during the Algerian war.

Matilda Thomas

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