Based on New Space, the aerospace industry dreams of becoming the foundation of tomorrow’s technology

Will space become a fundamental building block of tomorrow’s technologies? For the participants of the first New Space Meeting, which will end on July 8 at Station F in Paris, this is indeed a new opportunity that the sector must seize. ” Over the years, we’ve moved from selling satellite images and images from space to providing data, Exposed Jean-Philippe Duval, partner of consulting firm PWC France. In the years to come, space will provide the information needed for innovation in many industrial sectors.. It will become a fundamental element of technology. Enough to give wings to newcomers to Newspace – innovative SMEs and start-ups.

A remarkable creator of value

Gathered in the large amphitheater of Station F, actors from the academic, artistic and institutional worlds are excited about the proposed possibilities of this new page of space. ” The use of space data provides a huge playground for companies, Thomas Phuket, deputy director of CNES’s New Space and Ecosystem, noted. Their processing, the combination of artificial intelligence algorithms, will be an important source of value. This is something that we put pressure on CNES “Over the years, the French space agency has made a shift towards new space players, especially digital ones. Start-ups are now increasingly included in its projects.

This is nothing new “, Defends Thomas Phuket, who refutes a definition of new space that would oppose an old space where states and large industrialists would be the sole masters on board.” Newspace is a continuation: CNES has always been vocal about helping space builders, regardless of their size.Underlines the representative of the space agency. Today many small players are knocking on our doors and want to make room for themselves. We will help them “According to Thomas Phuket, the scientific side will be at the center of CNES’s mission, because” This will give birth to tomorrow’s innovation

Leave the industry initiative

The truth remains that with the advent of the new space the culture of spatial organization has changed, which is now leaning towards ” The art of faith 8, according to Muriel Lafaye, deputy director of the CNES Space Observatory. ” We know what we want from a technical point of view, but we now let our partners bring us their skills and knowledge in certain areas. We let them surprise us “, He underlines.

These partnerships with European space companies are considered essential by start-ups, which rely on these historic players to build credibility. ” CNES has acquired the ability to finance emerging projects. That’s good, but it’s still not enoughStanislas Maximin, CEO of Microlancher Manufacturers Latitude, formerly Venture Orbital Systems, says. CNES must assign more missions to start-ups so that they can achieve their spars. When we try to market technology abroad, the first questions are always about connecting with space companies. These partnerships give us credibility and allow us to keep our feet on the strap. A

Stay competitive

According to French-style new space pioneers, the most complex stage is not start-up: ” This Especially the ability to register in the long run which still creates a problemMini Ion Thruster underlines the co-founder of TrustMe. You have to be competitive on an international scale and the competition is fierce. A

Yet Europe – and France in particular – enjoys very good resources to allow start-ups to impose emerging technologies in space. In addition to the Space Activities Act (LOS) which is very favorable for new entrants, development costs on this side of the Atlantic are much more affordable.

“She is You need to keep in mind that the development of space technology in the United States costs 3 times more than in Europe, especially due to higher wages. “For researchers-entrepreneurs, the conditions are met for the United States and China, as well as Europe, to enter the space competition. Many French New Space projects respond to maturity by 2025.”

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