How to enable Picture in Picture on iPhone

In this article, I will show you how to enable photo on iPhone. Enabling this feature on your iPhone allows you to do multiple things with your iPhone. And you can continue watching Netflix, YouTube or other videos in a small thumbnail window on your iPhone device while you go to do your other work. Follow the instructions below to enable or disable picture-in-picture mode on iPhone.

The iPhone has the function to turn on Auto Picture in Picture Mode from Settings. Sometimes you need to turn it on or off. So, here I am telling you how to enable or disable this feature from settings. Just follow the instructions below.


করতে To enable auto-pip, go Placement.
• to find General> Pictures in pictures
• Here you can see, start pip Auto Options> Turn it on

যান Go to settings again
• General Search> Pictures in pictures
• Here you can see, start pip Auto Options> Turn it off
Disable iPhone

You can also use picture-in-picture mode on various apps like Apple TV, YouTube, Safari, FaceTime, etc. to speed up your work performance by turning on this feature on your phone. You can continue to meet while there is another activity. So to be clear to you, we are enabling this feature for these apps step by step.

Apple has added pictures to your iPhone in picture mode that allows you to watch videos in a small window on your device while doing other things on your iPhone. Unfortunately, picture-in-picture mode no longer works on YouTube.

Previously, it was possible to watch picture-in-picture videos on websites through Safari until YouTube banned the feature and forced people to buy YouTube Premium and use the feature on iPhones.

No worries, here are some ways to use Picture-in-Picture mode on YouTube on your device.

1. Run it Shortcut Press App> on your iPhone (+) In the right corner to create a new shortcut.

All shortcuts 1

2. Press Add action

Add action shortcuts

3. Select The web


4. On safari; Select Run JavaScript on the webpage

Run JavaScript Shortcut 4

5. Tap on the blue sound Web Page> Shortcut Entry

Shortcut input 5

6. Delete the existing JavaScript code in the shortcut window and paste the following code.

let v = document. querySelector (‘video’);

v.addEventListener (‘webkitpresentationmodechanged’, (e) => e.stopPropagation (), true);

setTimeout (() => v.webkitSetPresentationMode (‘Picture in image’), 3000);

Completion ()

Paste code shortcut 6

7. Tap the three point icon

Three point icon shortcut 7

8. Give the shortcut a name, for example (YouTube Pip)> Press Show on share sheet.

YouTube Pip Shortcut 8

9. Press Share Sheet Types> All Options> Safari Web Pages.

safari webpage shortcut 9

10. Go back Details> Done.

Description Screen Shortcut 10

Whenever you want to use Pip Mode on the YouTube mobile website, select the action icon we created, Easy Shortcut to Safari, no bounty.

YouTube mobile site Pip Safari 12

Using picture-in-picture on the web

Picture-in-Picture works with Safari. When you use Safari to watch movies from any site, you can use this feature. When you search your video on the web, play the video and put it in full screen, you will see an option to put your video in picture mode.

Web pip

Using Picture in Picture with Face Time

Working with the Picture in Picture Face Time app on iOS 14, this app is the most effective way to use pictures in picture mode. You can easily swipe this app and do your other tasks without any problem. When you swipe the call, face time, it is automatically compressed into a picture in picture mode. You can move the call window to different parts of the screen.

Photographic time

Customize the size and position of the picture-in-picture window

By double-clicking on any image in the on-screen image window, you can convert the video into smaller, medium, and large sizes. You can add this size to the size you want.
Animated images in the off-screen image window
To turn your image off-screen in the Image window, you can easily do this with your iPhone. When you want to easily offscreen your video by dragging it to one side of the screen, the video will go into offscreen mode. By placing the video in this position, you can style the sound of the video again. If at any time you want to flip your video across the screen, drag the video to the center of the screen.

2021 03 12 8 05 10


Enabling picture-in-picture mode on an iPhone helps us to multitask with our phone at the same time when we are watching a movie or chatting with friends, besides we can do other things. This article shows you how to enable Picture in Picture on iPhone and how to use this feature in different iPhone apps.

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