“I feel like I’m defending Falcoche! “: A teacher attempted violence

POr over the years, several children have returned to tears from St. Joseph’s School in Curcuifu (Lower-Atlantic), waking up trembling, starting, before going to sleepless night. Night panic, family doctors diagnosed. And then, one day in 2019, one of those students knocked on the principal’s door. “Please, sir, save me!” He pleaded with Philip Plantard, who had collected the story of the little boy.

What is described here is not yet another story of harassment on the playground, but what is happening in the classroom and the alleged author of the violence is the teacher. Marie-Emmanuelle L., now 57, has been practicing here since 1993. However, if he is arrested on the 1st as a precautionary measureer In July 2021, the chronology of the event indicates that these actions have come a long way.

An “environment of terror”

Two days after the end of the school year, a lawsuit was filed in the Nantes Criminal Court this Thursday, alleging that the dates are intertwined, the years are accumulating: September 2014, June 2019, September 2017, January 2021 নিহত The victims were 8 to 10 years old at the time of the incident. In Some were adults, Ms. L.’s colleagues, who created an “environment of terror” in the private sector, as summarized by Maître Cécile de Oliveira, a lawyer for one of the civil parties.

Fifteen victims came forward. ” Are there any other complainants? Asked the president of the court on the proposal. Like school, two fingers went up. Parents also have children.

Eloi and “The Worst Day of His Life”

There, so it is in a classroom camera where M is taughtMe L., intervention for different levels. In CP, Eloi made a mistake in his rule? She has to put her hands behind her head for twenty minutes, “to stop, to cry in front of the whole class, because she’s really in pain,” her father, Julien, said. In front of the sex workers who took his testimony on July 21, the boy mentioned “a closet” where he said he was locked up. At that time his parents can know the incident. “These are baby talk, we don’t really know if it’s true, but we believe it,” Julien continued. Closet or not, his lawyer, Olivera’s master, he “eIn a relationship, she was in the dark about her fears. “

Her mother, Eden, 9, said “the worst day of her life”: “She was insulted a lot, put aside, in the corner or in the library, it was horrible”, Julie recalls. Violet was violently pushed back. Her parents have filed a complaint, which has been dismissed due to lack of evidence. Today, in the light of other information, the prosecution may review its position …

For Claire, a teacher at the same school, she says that one day Marie-Emanuel L., then already in the hot seat, “asked the kids to make signs to help her stay in school because she said she was the victim of a conspiracy. She stuck herself in her class with all her students.” He told one of them to stand guard at the door when he blocked the other, we could not enter! He was on the phone crying, completely hysterical. It took us a long time to evict him and free the children.

I am not perfect, but very strict… I try to do my job very professionally.

Led by Marie-Emmanuel L. Straight up, led by other teachers, directors and parents, stuck to the theory of “conspiracy”, everyone is in the league against him who describes himself as “benevolent”, a word he would utter twelve times according to a lawyer’s calculations. On various allegations, he avoided, refused to go into detail and spoke instead of the general context. His fault? Being misunderstood by his peers. Excerpt: “I’m not perfect, but very strict … I try to do my job very professionally and the team is confused …Maybe my voice is too loud, ”he said, trying to convey the idea that children can be affected and therefore distort reality.

A suspended sentence of thirty months is required

Harassment or acts of violence are not proven in the eyes of the law, but the prosecutor’s file contains a realistic text. If the words cause evil, they stop working on the cascade for up to thirty days, especially for a little girl. The public prosecutor requested a 30-month suspended sentence and a permanent ban on the practice.

Now it must go to the tide of Master Loïc Cabioche. Not easy. “I feel like I’m defending evil, Falcoche! He starts by breaking down all the information, which he thinks is unreliable. Is his client’s method appropriate? “His education may be questioned, but the court is not a judge of teacher training. A

In the history of symptoms, he acknowledges “a complete skid, that’s true, but it’s the result of a situation that is rotting year after year”. In short, the expression of a real burn-out … remains an element on which all parties agree, it is the inaction of the Rector in this matter. Were warned several times by the school principal, the institution (which did not respond to our request) seemed to be slow to respond.

The Amendment Court reserved its decision on August 29, three days before the next academic year.

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