Ilona Smet has given birth to her first child while Laura Smet will not be against 2d

Ilona Smet, who has long dreamed of a stable and long-lasting love life, has become a mother for the first time. A happiness that the whole family did not hesitate to share on Instagram. For her part, Laura Smet has expressed doubts about a possible pregnancy.

At her wedding, Ilona Smet did not invite all her relatives. In fact, the couple who wanted a “simple and authentic” wedding arranged a discreet wedding where Laticia was missing on holiday. Similarly, Johnny Halliday’s two adopted daughters, Jade and Joy, did not attend the ceremony.

Sylvie Vartan, on the other hand, her grandmother, did not want to miss this day of celebration for anything in the world. The singer flew from Los Angeles to support his granddaughter, who recently gave him a great-grandson.

After being together for almost 10 years, Ilona Smet and Kamran Ahmed welcome their first child

It’s hard to miss when you’re the daughter of David Halliday and Estelle Lefebvre, as well as the granddaughter of Johnny Halliday and Sylvie Vartan. Married in April 2022, David’s elder Ilona Smet has just made headlines. A happy day that he wanted to share in a post on his Instagram account:

“16.04.22. The best day of my life. About 10 years of love and every day I love you more and more. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. “

He wrote to identify Her marriage With Kamran Ahmed, his high school sweetheart.

During an interview with Paris Match Magazine, the beautiful model opened up about their love story. She revealed that she was in high school and at the age of 17 she first flirted with a young man. The two lovebirds then met in the south of France.

Then, on July 2, 2022, the daughter of the French actress announced that she had become a mother for the first time. The good news is that he shared on Instagram the caption “The most beautiful gift of life, my son, my love”. Discreet, the young mother did not disclose the date of birth and the name of the child.

Ilona had previously expressed the joy of having a child in her womb. Whoever said he wanted “stability and a love story that lasts a lifetime”, he delivered:

“I have wanted to start a family for a long time. We’re in Cloud Nine. Looking ahead. Knowing a second heartbeat in me is a special feeling, a unique experience. Like an unknown world “

Apparently happy, the young parents shared a photo to announce Ilona’s pregnancy in February 2022. A touching shot to show Kamran putting a kiss on the head of the woman of his life.

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Loved ones react to the arrival of a new family member, while Sylvie Vartan has a strange feeling

With the birth of their child, Ilona Smet has raised the group. A wonderful news that the whole family did not fail to respond. Moreover, Estelle Lefebvre, who has become a grandmother, has left a gentle message in her daughter’s post comments. You can read there:

“The birth of this little angel is a living proof of love. I love all three of you, beautiful souls. “

For the model’s younger sister, who is apparently happy to be a 24-year-old aunt, she writes:

“Wonderful angel. Welcome to this family that already loves you so much. Sestra and Kamran, you are already amazing parents, I love you.”

Similarly, Darina Scotty, the adopted sister of David Holiday, who is very close to Ilona, ​​left a nice message, where she delivered:

“Welcome to the little angel family. She is very lucky and blessed to have you and Kamran as her parents. I love you so much Besides, this picture makes me cry!

If Estelle and David become grandparents, it makes Sylvie Vartan a grandmother. Although she is happy for her parents and thrilled to welcome a child into the family, a strange feeling comes over her. He explained:

“It is very touching to see my granddaughter so happy. It’s weird. We say to ourselves: ‘How?’ Because she is my baby anyway and will always be. When you are a parent, the year does not count.

Sylvie Vartan and her granddaughter Ilona Smet were present at the triumph of Sylvie Vartan on September 19, 2015 in Paris, France at the theater play ‘Don’t Look at Me That Way!’ | Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, the singer’s only son has also made a comment on the occasion of the arrival of his grandson.

“Welcome to this beautiful and young Jedi in this crazy world !! She fell on the right side of the tree. Both parents are as beautiful and loving as you !! I will love you forever.”

Soon, the Smet family may still be large, as Laura Smet seems to want a second child.

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With Laura Smet and her second child, Rafael Lankry-Javal

When Ilona welcomed her first child, Johnny Halliday’s daughter Laura Smet indicated that she would not be against the second child. In fact, he and Rafael Lankre-Javal are already the happy parents of little Leo, who will turn two in October 2022.

“I have realized the concept of unconditional love. Leo reassures me, fills me, makes me big, pushes me. I think he’s the most rock-on-roll thing of my life, but the biggest adventure I’ve ever had. “

He admitted to Leo’s mother in an interview at the 2021 Paris match.

Laura Smet and her boyfriend participate in the 11th round of the 2015 French Open on June 3, 2015 at the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

“Want to have a second child”, perhaps a rumor? Since the actress’s mother, Nathalie Bay, has said she is keen to resume filming. He said:

“She’s very happy with her little Leo who is a wonderful one. She’s 13 months old, she’s a quiet baby who has made her a real mother, attentive, very pure. She just wants to go back to filming.”

Whether gossip or not, Laura gave up doubt.

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