Manoir de Gouézac: Guest Room and an Event Space

In front of the manor of the Aureli Tunnel Gouézac where tourists will be given accommodation as well as an event and cultural space. © J.-MF

Convert to an old one Landlord Inside Tourist accommodationConnected to a place Ceremonial and cultural In Lands of LanvaxA young couple is interested in the potential of this sector of life project Morbihan : Aurelie Tinel And his wife Vincent Gazaigne.

The project, with strong regional roots led by these two partners (they created SARL Le Manoir de Gouezac), the development of the site, proposed through various activities, should create enough profitability to manage it throughout the year.

High priced products

The moors of Lanvax represent the last convulsions Armorican Massif. A granite expanse, fairly comparable to the Massif des Apalaches, the Landes de lanwax extends more than 70 kilometers in length, between Camorra in the west and Radon in the east.

Finished at an altitude of only 175 meters, they have little of the landscape of Haute-Creuse or Corrèze, covered with their deep wood, their shale heather and brooms. If nature is the queen there, then Landes de Lanvax is the abode of many wonders, be it megalithic or otherwise: chapels, palaces, can sometimes be discovered at the bend of the road.

This is the case of Manoir de Gouézac, which for some time has been owned by the Aureli Tunnel and Vincent Gazin, a few young people with a firm intention to build it as a tourist accommodation, but a ceremony and cultural place, located just 15 minutes from Venice.

Manoir de Gouézac is our life project

Aurelie Tinel (originally from Lyon) and Vincent Gaziganne (Burgess) lived in Paris. He worked there as an asset manager in commercial real estate on high-value property.

This job allows me to gain expertise in built space redevelopment, rehabilitation and development, real estate project management, marketing, events and network building.

Aurelie Tinel

Her husband, 41, has been a business manager in the audiovisual sector for ten years, running a documentary film production company called Talweg Productions, which specializes in social and historical films. “Manoir de Goyezak is the project of our lives,” said Aureli Tinel, mother of a five-year-old boy.

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A place to look like us

For several years, we have been looking for a place to develop together and which is similar to ours. A versatile place to meet Vincent’s expectations, which, like me, is in terms of accommodation but also in terms of events or cultural organization.

Aurelie Tinel

The variety of activities that couples want to set up effectively makes the place lively throughout the year.

In addition to accommodation, a top-of-the-range git for 15 people and an eight-bed dormitory for tight budgets or an eight-bed dormitory for cyclists, horsemen and pedestrians, will be marked as an event space suitable for hosting in Manoir de Goyezak. Personal meetings, business meetings, training etc.

Develop documentary meetings

Event space (180m reception room)2 Edited in a former outbuilding adjacent to the manor for weddings, family functions, etc.) will also have the task of becoming a cultural space, especially within the framework of the presentation of the documentary.

Documentary meetings “What I want to develop in Gouzak’s Manor will contribute to creating a new cultural offer in the territory and allow citizens and audiovisual actors to meet around themes of society and history, in a user-friendly place.”

Vincent Gazaigne.

The place will also be adapted for film crew, training courses, long internships and writing accommodation.

In addition to a total of 23 beds, including 15 in the manor and eight in the dormitory, common spaces will include a living / dining room with a large table d’hotis, a semi-professional equipped kitchen (food preparation site), “for customers and especially hikers and cyclists. A laundry room accessible for, ”explains Aurelie Tunnel, will also provide a room for parking bicycles with a small adjacent repair workshop.

This green country: real playground

Aurelie Tinnell and Yves Bleuven in the shade of centuries-old trees.
Aurelie Tinnell and Yves Bleuven in the shade of centuries-old trees. © J.-MF

In the autumn, the work of Manoir de Gouezac should be completed in principle for an inauguration scheduled for April 2023. 1er Vice President of Golf Morbihan Venice Agglomeration ([email protected]), The mayor of Grand-Champ, underlined Yes Bluenwen.

This achievement is understood in this Green Country (Landes de Lanvax) which seeks to improve its resources: landscape, hiking trails, discovery of megaliths, etc. A real playground that combines both physical and cultural activities. All this represents an undeniable proposition for our region,

Yves Bluenven, mayor of Grand-Champ

Habitat creation

“Across the sector as a whole, until then we had no real housing capacity. Today, every municipality seems to want to develop its specificity and its potential in this area.

Collectively, we are emphasizing this for the development of tourism, especially in the area of ​​housing. A

What is taking shape is really a structural project, associated with 4-season tourism activities: Brittany is eaten all year round,

Yves Bluenven

Grand-Champ Mayor Aurelie Tinnell and Vincent Gazain’s path and their desire to create a multidimensional event and cultural space do not hide a certain satisfaction.

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