Moon observation session with two amateur astronomers in Monterrey

She’s used to it, she’s already said yes. On July 21, 1969, more than 500 million Earthlings were in front of their televisions to follow the first step of a man on the moon. Since 2019, the French Astronomical Society has encouraged the observation of observation sessions to commemorate this historic event.. And find the thrill.

Crescent, full or gibbous, the internet is full of pictures of the moon. But nothing can lose the experience of Barbara de Brito and Guillaume Polijack, amateur astronomers, Those who will make their observation equipment available to the general public in Monterigis this Friday evening.

The three cities in the Laurette region are different for their controlled urban lighting which is conducive to biodiversity

Moon without filter

The photos on the internet are great but the idea during these sessions is to show the moon differently. To observe it with your own eyes without a digital filter “, explains Guillaume Polijack, professor of physics and chemistry at Lycee Durji.

“It’s a wonder we see the moon like this for the first time! It forces us to think about our size rather than the vastness of the sky, what else is thereBarbara de Brito is a nurse and astronomy enthusiast. In addition to her main activities, she recently applied for a university degree in astronomy to satisfy her unsatisfied curiosity about the universe at the Paris Observatory.

Snapshot from Earth

Guillaume aims at the moon and is not afraid of Barbara. Especially since they have adequate observation equipment. There are no small binoculars or lots of toys. For one, a Dobsonian telescope for observing elements outside the solar system. For another one Apochromatic telescope to distinguish the smallest hole from Earth’s natural satellites And take pictures of deep skies (galaxies, nebulae, clusters).

Photography and astronomy go together. Picture Dr.
The experience may be dizzy for some. Guillaume’s telescope is equipped with an equatorial mount, a small motor that allows Align with the axis of rotation of the earth And so to follow a star without changing the angle of observation. It would be possible to have one eye on the Barbara telescope Observe the movement of the earth.

Curious and amateurs will be able to admire the moon from every angle and if they wish Take pictures with the phone stuck in the lens. That’s how Guillaume fell in love with astrophotography. He bowed his head to the stars from middle school with a school friend, taking his first shots with a high school friend’s Dobsonian telescope. An emotion he conveyed to high school students at the Astronomy Club today Those who will come and practice operating the Schmidt-Cassagren C8 telescope provided by National Education as part of Operation Astro at School.

An association in sight?

On the site, it is not a learning presentation but an informal exchange to answer the questions of the most curious. Barbara and Guillaume will focus on the “science” side, but also on the “star myth”. They can also rely on the presence of members of the Astro Club of Ouzouer-sur-Loire.

Finally, The two friends are also hoping to form their own association. Notice for cosmic lovers … The new guardian of the galaxy may be in Montergis.

To practice

Curious and amateurs are expected between 6pm and 10pm. The meeting will take place this Friday evening in front of the Montgomery Post Office, on Saturday evening at Lac des Closiar near Skatepark, and on Sunday evening in front of Altisin. Free entertainment.

Cecil Catanjian

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