On what criteria should your child choose insurance in student life?

Insurance: How to help him choose the right one?

Whether you are in a terminal class or a student, you need to get used to it, Your child is slowly gaining independence. You can still go with him in his insurance choice because, you know, this step is never taken lightly …

Insure it according to your needs

Three assurances today Compulsory.

1 – If your child wants to leave the family home and take an apartment for his / her higher education, a contract must be made Home insurance So that he can sign his lease. It covers fire, water damage, theft-vandalism etc. Some insurers, such as SMERRA, even add specific guarantees for students, such as coverage of student roommates without additional premiums and extensions of computer equipment.

2 – Has your child got their license or is going to change vehicles? Then it will need to be taken (again) Insurance for your car or motorbike. There must be suitable formula for the first deal.

3 – Also compulsory and requested by universities and other higher education institutions, Civil Liability Insurance. It provides protection in the study area and covers material damage and physical injury that your child may cause to others.

They don’t Not mandatory But still worth considering, this is Insurance for study abroad (When you know that in some countries the cost of healthcare can be exorbitant), or insurance for phones and tablets that your child can no longer do without. Choose one that includes damage, attack, theft, fraudulent use of SIM card etc.

Finally, if your child is afraid of missing the test, for example, due to x (hospitalization, death of a loved one, etc.), be aware that this is also possible.Secure your years of study.

Select by potential risk …

High school and college students can also be inexperienced and sometimes prefer to take risks. If one day your child drops a computer During his internshipIf he spills a drink on his lecturer’s neighbor’s phone, if he accidentally breaks a valuable object When babysitting Even if he accidentally throws a flower pot from the porch and so on Affects a third, How to do? It is good because it is well insured Being responsible, it’s your child (Or if he has insurance!) Those who have to pay.

Choose by price: Make a comparison

No matter what insurance your child needs, it will be needed Compare offers. You can easily find comparators online to get quotes. It is enough to fill in the information in the profile of the future beneficiary (your child) and you will get it Targeted offer in terms of desired coverage and budget.

In all cases, Even if price remains an important criterion of choiceTell yourself that It doesn’t always matter what. Insurance can be cheap, but it is not necessarily the best, or most appropriate, for your child. The price of home insurance depends, for example, on a number of factors, including the number of rooms in the home. By choosing insurance specifically dedicated to students, you only pay for what you need, such as insurance for a small area (in most cases a studio or a room less than 15 m2).

Choose according to applicable deductibles

There are different types. Cutable can be specifically:

Easy (For less than or equal to the estimated loss, the insurer does not intervene, the responsibility for repair rests with the victim)

- Absolutely (This is proportional to the amount of damage and with it a minimum amount that the insured agrees to pay and a maximum amount which triggers the assumption of liability by the repair insurer)

You should know that the discount amount is a Impact on insurance premiums : In short, the less deductible, the higher the cost of insurance.

Select according to the insurer’s experience and location

With the growing number of companies involved in the insurance sector, it seems wise to confirm its position.Organization. So what Suitable for your child’s student situation? Also be wary of companies that offer very attractive offers, for example there may be many reward terms. Read the footnote carefully and, above all, Take the time to reflect before making a contractual commitment. Also learn about the quality of its member relationship services: it is essential to be with you when you have a problem or a question!

Any insurance for student accommodation (room, studio, apartment, roommate, etc.)?

When renting a room with locals, it is not mandatory to take out housing insurance, but it is It is recommended to insure yourself at least for civic liability. If it’s a Accommodation at the university residence, Your child must take out insurance that covers rental risk. In the case Flat sharing, Every co-tenant must be insured to a minimum with a rental risk guarantee. To make sure your child pulls out the right cover, don’t hesitate Accompanied by dedicated insurance for students.

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