Children at the center of the 2022 policy of the departmental union of the Haute-Vienna Family Association

The Departmental Union of Family Associations (Udaf) in Haute-Vienne provides concrete assistance to socially and financially disadvantaged families throughout the year (in 2021, 87% of beneficiaries have a monthly income below the minimum wage).

The association, meeting at the General Assembly, recently presented its 2021 activity report.

The thirty-four member associations of Udaf 87 cover diverse areas such as health and social activities, childhood and education, housing and access to the living environment and rights.

Administrators, family representatives, advisers “remain integrated” in 2021. One hundred and seven people have been recruited to the structure, but a turnover of employees has been noticed. This phenomenon has been explained by “lack of salary assessment”, “other way of working”, “willingness to do something else” in a context that is still characterized by health crisis, explained Marie-Charlotte Desvox, Director General of Udaf 87.

Judicial protection. In 2021, teams have adapted practices and created common tools to support family teachers. Provides information on subsequent legal protection measures and provides thirteen services in court.

Budget support. Udaf also allows families to improve their quality of life on a daily basis, which is useful in times of inflation. Seventy-one of the budget support services in 2021 operated hotlines, eleven were granted microfinance, and four separate follow-up budget educational assistance was provided to help families regain their autonomy in budget management and administration.

Fifteen new proposals

At the heart of the legislative election, the National Union of Family Associations (UNF) has submitted fifteen proposals to the government.

They were presented around four axes, which was acceptable for the needs of the Udaf 87 Upper Viennese family. These include strengthening the reunion of personal and professional life, improving the quality of life of the family, helping parents to better protect their children, and supporting family cohesion.

Relieve the effects of parental separation

On its own, improve the quality of life of families, including children, by creating parental leave, accessible to all and better adapting to support for housing or transportation.

Finally, in 2022 the place of the child in parental separation became a priority. Children can be uncomfortable if their parents are separated. Udaf 87 seeks to further reduce tensions in the family by promoting dialogue in the presence of family representatives.

In numbers

Udaf 87 assisted 2,627 families in 2021.
34 association members.
In 2021, 76 family representatives, 27 administrators, 5 parent workshops and 19 parent cafes were organized.
29 Municipal or Inter-Municipal Social Action Centers (CCAS-CCIAS).

Aline Cambridge

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