Clemens Castle: “Fort Baird Dreamed of Me as a Child”

From Koh Lanta to Fort Byrd, Clemens Castle has taken only one step with spirits. Ariziois took part in the filming of the legendary France 2 program, where he played a character from Fort.

He loved adventure, he was served. For a decade or more, Clemens Castle has participated three times as a guest at Koh Lanta and Fort Byrd. This summer, Ariegeoise, who spent most of her childhood and adolescence in Tarascon-sur-Ariège, went to the other side of the mirror. He embodied a character in the service of the legendary Father Foras. Between the physical examination and the formula, the six candidates have to see who is hiding behind the clothes he is wearing. Broadcast July 23.

How did you get the opportunity to play a character in Fort Byrd?

Fort Byrd’s production is similar to that of Koh Lanter, namely Adventure Line Production (ALP). I know a few people in production. They contacted me to find out if I was ready to play a character. Fort Byrd is a program that shows me dreams when I was very young. It started when I was five or six years old. I didn’t miss a summer of the show. Today, I necessarily look less often. I have also had the opportunity to participate three times as a candidate. This is really icing on the cake!

What character do you play?

I am a mystery warrior, masked from head to toe, so unrecognizable. This is a part of the game in addition to collecting a real mystery, key or signal in your own right. As the tests against me progressed, they found an additional clue to trying to unmask me, to find out my identity. There was a need to return to this role which protected the interests of Father Foras. I had an attitude that I did not necessarily have in my daily life. My goal was to impress them, to show them that I myself was sure to face the test.

What is this judgment?

We tested the cotton swab where you have to spray the opponent on a high beam. There was the famous clay fight event, which I dreamed of doing and that was great! (Laughter) Outside the castle, on the outer wall, I had to evolve with a short way to get a key and get it back … There was a test of the metal cage rolling to the ground and one last game with Rouge, played by Delphine Wespiser, With parallel bars where you have to balance.

Have you followed a certain physical preparation?

Not so much … It’s hard to practice cotton wool in everyday life! (He laughs) In order to maintain a certain fairness, I wasn’t aware in advance of the tests I was going to do. Candidates are not sure what to expect when they arrive. But I stay athletic, I exercise almost every day.

Is it more difficult to be a candidate or a character in a show?

The disadvantages are almost the same. But this year, it was tough because we had to do six events in a row. We also have the pressure to represent the Fort Baird organization. You have to try your best. Especially since production has come to a standstill. There is a real fluidity in filming. But Koh Lanta taught me to adapt, to create new experiences and to try out areas where you are not 100% comfortable!

Is Father Foras really beautiful?

(He laughs) Absolutely yes… even if I am able to get my braces up once or twice!

What was your reaction when your kids found out that Mom was going to be a character in Fort?

They first asked me if they could come with me. Unfortunately, for organizational reasons, this was not possible. The technical team, with the candidates, did not have much space left for the guests. But they were very happy and they couldn’t wait to see me in character. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, except for 9- and 7-year-olds. But it will be fun to watch with family!

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