In Kauro, we enjoy the last Aryan 5 flight

One more time 5 in Ariadne One has achieved success by providing two telecommunications satellites Transfer orbit Geostationary: Measat-3d (built by Airbus Space for the Malaysian company Measat), and Gsat-24 (built by the Indian Space Agency). The Rocket The flight took off at 6:03 pm local time (11:03 pm Paris time). With the exception of slight delays, everything went according to plan, with the flight lasting exactly 39 minutes and 57 seconds. This is a routine flight for the Ariane 5, except it is one of the last.

The arrival of the satellite was hampered by the aftermath of the Ukraine war

Preparations for the launch began on 13 May Guyana Space Center (CSG). The operation begins Launcher Integration Building (BIL) where the teams joined on the main floor cryogenics (EPC) On the second floor. They have also added two to the central body Booster Side, name EAP For powder acceleration stage.

Each of these great pieces was assembled on different sites in Europe. Moreover, various components of European rockets come across the old continent. The EPC assembly was held at the Murox site near Paris. The second stage is assembled in Bremen, Germany, while the EAPs come from Italy. The fuel is produced at CSG. Once assembled, the Ariane 5 is transferred from BIL to 18 May The final assembly building (BAF).

The satellites arrived a little late. The Antonov Cargo Plane Company as a result of the war in Ukraine In trouble. He usually carries Geostationary satellites (Too big) in CSG. Due to the lack of available aircraft, the first passenger, the Measat-3d, arrived by boat from France. The second, Gsat-24, built by the Indian Space Agency, arrived on a military cargo plane.

Upon arrival at the CSG, the satellites were transported to a payload preparation set, where it was confirmed that the trip did not affect them. Several tests were performed, as well as inspections by quality engineers, who verified that all procedures had been followed. Finally, ergoliers fill the satellite tanks with their fuel. The operation was performed in early June for Measat-3d and Gsat-24.

Last extra preparation

Integration of passenger satellites begins June 8. Aryanspace Using the intelligent SILDA system – Aryan Double Launch System – to launch two satellites at the same time. This device, unique in the world, makes it possible to halve the heavy cost of an Ariane 5 flight, capable of delivering 10 tons of payload Geo-synchronous orbit.

Silda allows you to land on the smallest satellite without touching it to land another one. The fairing of the Ariane 5 is so large that it can cover and protect everyone from frictionThe wind Takeoff time. On June 8, the Measat-3d (5,648 kg) was assembled on top of the Sildar. The next day they were put under the headline. On June 13, the Gsat-24 merged with the second phase of the Ariane 5. Finally, on June 14, Sylda and Measat-3d were placed on top of the fairing launcher, with Sylda’s shell enclosing the Gsat-24. . General rehearsals on June 16 and final inspections the next day allow to review launch readiness, which is required to pay Fire Green during takeoff.

On June 21st, it was sunny and warm from the first hour of the morning. We open the monster The gate The BAF and the entire Ariane 5 are seeing the light of day for the first time. For a few hours, the rocket lay on his table Mobile phone Is Its rolled towards the launch pad. This is a long operation for which the whole assembly of rails and a common standard truck has to be pulled, which weighs 1,400 tons!

Long wait before landing

June 22nd. Maximum security at the site is enforced. Gendarmes are checked when foreign troops make sure no intrusion launches disrupt the order. It must be said that EAPs contain 500 tons of powder and about 200 tons of propellant Liquid In the central body, Arian 5 could become a real bomb. In case of eviction, we have our park The car Back to being ready to leave in an emergency without driving. We don’t care less about security!

This is D-Day. The weather will be cloudy and the temperature will be more pleasant. It is expected that the show will be short Duration If Ariane 5 disappears behind a Clouds Less than a few seconds of takeoff. In the control center Thursday, Timer launches during launch. Behind numerous screens, Aryanspace crews follow all flight parameters: launcher, launch assembly, safety, BackupCommunication, Weather report, Etc. Customer satellite engineers are monitoring the health of their valuable satellites behind their screens. On the other side of the bay window, Aryanspace receives its guests and representatives of various customers, agencies and authorities in the stands.

For hours on end and until the last minute of takeoff, the EPC and upper stage tanks are filled with oxygen andHydrogen Slowly the liquid, when we get to the final count, the excitement increases when a “red” appears on the screen. This is an issue that comes from the launch set. Quickly, the operations director decided to suspend the timer to see what was happening. There are two short hours left before retreating the next day. Time is suspended for a few minutes, Show live On YouTube Shut up. The sun has begun to set, but it is waiting for us.

Last minute roar

More than forty minutes have elapsed since the countdown resumed. Take-off is then scheduled for 6:50 pm local time – Metropolitan Time 11:50 pm Ariane 5 is fully connected to the elements to give us a great show. The sky became clear. The final countdown begins. All eyes are on the launch pad. Ariane 5 take off. A sunlight is shining on the launch pad. Like a flying torch, the rocket splits the sky in two, quickly crossing a small cloud, and escaping into a hole in the blue sky in a festival of shadows and light. A few seconds after takeoff, the sound reaches us and its energy resonates throughout our body.

Two minutes and twenty seconds after the liftoff, the EAPs, which have so far provided most of the thrust, are empty. They emanate from the central body which continues its way, pushed by the volcanic engine. Quite a rare occurrence in Guyana, we manage to see emissions from the soil. Two points of light can be seen reading on either side of the huge point of light. They will end at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. One minute later, Arian 5 is now in space. Her headdress is useless now that there is no more friction. Both pieces are emitted. Again, we manage to see these new points from the ground up. From the memory of the regulars, this is the first time we have seen Aryan 5 for so long From Kourou.

The flight continued even after sunset at CSG. H + 8 minutes 47 seconds, the EPC is separated from the second stage. He will also end up at the bottom of the sea. Occupies the second floor. In 28 minutes and 40 seconds of the flight, the first passenger satellite – Misat-3D – was launched. Shortly afterwards, Silda was expelled in turn, releasing Gsat-24. The latter will eventually be separated from the upper floor by H + 39 minutes 57 seconds. Shortly after that, the operators Capture The first signal from their satellite. Mission accomplished, a success for VA257 Ariane 5, another for CSG before navigating problematic waters.

The last straight line before retirement

There are only four Aryan 5 flights left before retirement. Two are planned this year, two more in 2023, the last of which is in April Juice search. Some equipment is no longer used. Today, only one launch table is used, the second table is stored outside. ” It can serve as a backup to obsolete or eventsExceptionThen it will be broken Says Daniel de Chambour, head of the ESA office in Cairo. Some buildings dedicated to Ariane 5 will no longer be used. There is a possibility of breaking the BIL. ” You should know that some of these buildings are very tall, all in height and in terms of large customers. Power And air conditioning “Daniel remembers. BAF is still 90 meters high!

All Ariane 5 operations still require staff today. A large part of them will be damaged Ariadne 6 Or already have. Because even though Ariane 6 hasn’t flown yet, it has been having sex with Ariane 5 at CSG for several years. In this regard, Daniel D. Chambure smiles: ” I, that is still responsible for Ariane 5, have a problem. I must have a team of engineers, operators and technicians on Arian 5. Indeed, there seems to be a lack of staff to ensure the space moves smoothly. A whole generation is leaving with Aryan 5. There will be Aryan 5 alumni just like there were Aryan 4 alumni Daniel de Chambure says. CSG staff saw other pitchers coming and going before. Bruno Gerrard, director of ArianeSpace in Kauro and Ariane Group, reminds us: ” It’s still the same thing. A

Note: More than 600 European companies are involved Construction Of the Ariane 5, with more than 350 small and medium-sized enterprises.

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