Increase free disk space using this duplicate file remover

Are many duplicate files taking up disk space on your computer? Dupscout Can help. DupScout is a free duplicate file finder and remover tool that can scan your computer for duplicate files and perform various operations. This can help you increase free disk space by removing duplicates from the same file. Dup Scout is available in both free and paid versions, but this article only covers the free version.



DupScout is a duplicate file remover

To find a duplicate, you need to click the “Duplicate” button on the toolbar. Next, you’ll need to choose the directory or locations where DupScout will search for duplicate files. You can add a shared directory or folder from the network, or you can scan an entire computer for duplicate files. With DupScout, you can scan servers or NAS devices just by entering their IP address.

DupScout: Increase the available disk space using this duplicate file remover tool

You can even create rules for the scanning process, such as creating a rule that looks for files whose last access date is more recent than one of your selected dates. You can make as many rules as you want. You can then select the directories to be excluded from scanning Next, you need to create actions for duplicate files. First, you need to select the original file and then choose an action for the duplicate file. Removal actions include:

  • Replace with shortcuts
  • Replace with hard links
  • Go to the directory
  • Duplicate compress
  • Compress and remove
  • Duplicate removal

Once the scan is started, it can be easily paused or paused by simply clicking the pause or stop button on the toolbar. After the scan is complete, you can choose the removal actions and then perform them, or you can save the duplicate file report. You can save the report as an HTML / TEXT / CSV / XML / PDF file, or you can save it directly to a SQL database. You can even create pie charts and bar charts that show duplicate disk space by extension or number of duplicates by extension. You can print or save this chart.

DupScout: Increase the available disk space using this duplicate file remover tool

If we talk about advanced customization in software, you can choose hotkey for all activities and choose how many reports to save locally on your computer. Additionally, you can enable “Request scan permission from administrator” options.

Overall, the software is designed with the main purpose of saving disk space occupied by duplicate files. The software can easily add extra disk space to your computer. But remember to be very careful when deleting duplicate files, especially system files, because many times the same file can be placed in more than one place. So it is better not to scan Windows folder.

Download DupScout for free

Click Here DupScout for free download.

Want more options? Check out this free duplicate file finder and remover software for Windows.

There are two main ways to delete duplicate files from your hard drive for free. First, you can find the file manually and delete it accordingly. Second, you can use third party programs to find duplicate files. There are countless tools available for this purpose. For example, you can use DupScout, DoubleKiller, AllDup, etc.

What is the best duplicate file remover tool?

It depends on the file type and category. For example, if you have multiple duplicate files with different names, you can use DupScout. This is an advanced duplicate file finder for Windows. However, if you have more than one file with the same name, you can check out other programs like DupGuru, WinMerge, etc.

DupScout: Increase the available disk space using this duplicate file remover tool

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