Interview. Toulouse. Wives and children of repatriated jihadists: “Timing bombs do not exist!”

According to estimates.e “About 70 French women and 150 children are still camped in the Iraqi-Syrian region,” Ludovic Riviere said. (© Adobe Stock / Illustration)

They have returned to the national territory. Foreign Ministry announces repatriation to France, Tuesday, July 5, 2022, ” 35 French miners Who were Camps in northeastern Syria 6, as well as its return 16 mothers.

“Maybe Toulouse has people”

Among them, “probably there are Toulouse people, yes”, indicates M.e Ludovic RivieraThis lawyer Toulouse Bar (Haute-Garon), Which significantly resulted in the repatriation of 7-year-old Taymiyya from the Syrian refugee camp in 2020. Originally from the pink city and Suffering from heart defects, This child was taken to the conflict zone by his parents when he was one year old. “She’s OK today,” the lawyer says.

The latest repatriation children to date have been “handed over to the services responsible for Children’s Aid and will be subject to medical follow-up”. For their part, the mothers were transferred “to competent judicial authorities,” he noted Quai d’Orsay. Charged for Terrorist conspiracyThey Must serve 30 years imprisonment.

News: How do you see this repatriation campaign?

Master Ludovic Riviera: Clearly, the state is changing its doctrine, incidentally moving towards more global repatriation. We, the family lawyers, condemned the litigation policy because it was incompetent: why save this child, but someone else?
The case-by-case policy refers to the non-return of women. France believed they should be tried on the spot. But legally it was impossible. Kurdish law does not punish the issue of joining a terrorist organization! Only to participate in the war.
These French women cannot be tried there, because there is no court, no crime and even if any punishment is announced, it will be under international law. Because Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan, editor’s note) did not recognize sovereignty.

“About 70 French women and 150 children are still there.”

What legal procedure is applied to these wives of repatriated jihadists?

Master Ludovic Riviera: Some of the 16 deported women are already in custody because they were subject to international arrest warrants. Others are in custody because a search warrant was issued against them. They will then be produced before a magistrate. And undoubtedly imprisoned.

How many French women and children are still detained in Syrian camps?

Master Ludovic Riviera: It is estimated that there are still 150 children and about 60 to 80 women still living there. We rejoice in this significant repatriation. We will be able to take care of the children. And mothers will be judged. Joining the Iraqi-Syrian zone to join the Islamic State is the crime of the terrorist organization. No one will be spared from this. Moreover, when the French left to join the PKK’s Kurdish group, they were subjected to the same trial on their return …

The necessary culture of privacy

What will happen to the children when they return to France?

Master Ludovic Riviera: They are first examined by doctors. Then we do a psychological assessment. They have been through absolutely traumatic things. They are then placed with specially trained host families to care for children in the Iraqi-Syrian area. These are the so-called ‘special’ investments. Where they are kept is a secret. I ignore it myself for my clients.

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For Maitre Ludovic Riviera, the lawyer for the jihadist family,
“The abandonment of French children in the Iraqi-Syrian region is a risk that they will be taken away by Daesh,” said Master Ludovic Riviীre, a lawyer for the jihadi family. (In Alain Pitton)

Why so much privacy?

Master Ludovic Riviera: We do this first and foremost to protect them. These children can be victims of violence, on behalf of people who will annoy them because they are “Daesh children” or “jihadi children”, a heinous expression. We took them there without asking for anything! They are completely innocent.
And there is a risk that these children will be taken over by fanatics. They go to public school. The managers of the organization must know, I imagine, but they are bound by privacy. Information that these children are returning from the Iraqi-Syrian area has been shared as little as possible.

“Daesh says they will take back their wives and children”

Is it necessary in your eyes?

Master Ludovic Riviera: It is absolutely essential. The Islamic State has announced that it will take back his wife and children by any means. In France, in my opinion, it is impossible. But in the area … In January 2022, IS attacked a prison to free jihadists and 12-year-old children, a prisoner at a university, mingling with adults. They want their fighters back. The threat of an Islamic State attack on a camp is unimaginable for women and children.

Will these children be monitored until the majority?

Master Ludovic Riviera: The idea is that grandparents, aunts and uncles, extended families, after assessing their educational abilities, raise these children. Things happen slowly, over time. Supervised by child care specialists, child psychiatrists, educators … the process is long.

“Time bomb, this word is really disgusting”

Some people think of these children as ‘ticking time bombs’ …

Master Ludovic Riviera: Time bombs are a fantasy, they do not exist! Talking to a child means scolding him, scolding him, when he didn’t tell her to leave. The trauma that these children have experienced is undeniable. But they are immersed in resilience. If we take care of them, if we surround them, if we are kind to them, they will have nothing left. One and a half year old children are coming home. They forgot. Sometimes they have no memory of being born in the camp.
Time bomb, does that mean these kids are fundamentalists? I do not understand it! What scares 16-18 year olds. They have memories. But when they left, they did not choose. They followed their parents. These teens, in fact, need more care.

Some of these teens may have participated in the abuse …

Master Ludovic Riviera: This may actually be the case, for example, among the calves of the caliphate, this kind of army of children and adolescents. When they return to France, they are evaluated. And if the French intelligence services have information about serious information, they will be charged.
Children in France can easily live in dysfunctional families without adequate emotional support and probably later become criminals. But we are not saying that they are time bombs. This word is really disgusting.

“If we want to make them terrorists …”

How would you respond to those who think we should leave them there?

Master Ludovic Riviera: Leaving these children in Syria is obviously much more dangerous. Unless we really want it to become a terrorist. They will be occupied by Daesh, but will still be French. And one day, after ten years in the Islamic State, they will return … to bring them back as soon as possible so that the life of the camp does not leave a stain that can never be erased.

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