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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Updated on Saturday, July 9, 2022

Cyril Lignak thrilled! He is the father for the first time! She shared her total happiness and also, the first name of the little boy!

Happy Cyril Lignak, small screen star and baker and pastry chef, is now living happily ever after. In recent years he has expressed such a desire Become a parent. It’s done! Proficient in his work, he is now proficient in personal life. At 44, the most famous pastry chef on TV has just become a father!
This is good news for Cyril Lignak, who can now play far from the camera. The best role Whatever it is: Dad! According to information released by Hair, the chef’s partner has just given birth to their first child. A moment of pure joy for this wise couple!

Cyril Lignak, happy dad

For several days, young parents have been raising their baby, born in the middle of summer! It really happened on June 28, 2022 that the beautiful Deborah, the companion of Cyril Lignak, gave birth to her first child. The couple is a little boy Chose to call Leo. When young fathers discover the world of children, young mothers already know! In fact, the young woman is already the mother of 3 young daughters, born from the previous union.

A new life begins for this father. The entrepreneur, led by several restaurants and pastry shops in Paris, needs to calm things down in order to continue. The joy of a sleepless night has just begun! He has decided in the next few weeks Dedicated only to his familyUnder the southern sun.

Pastry chef’s so desired child!

This is the small family that has recently grown up in Saint-Tropez, going this summer. Cyril Lignak owns a villa there, still under construction. The trio will be able to spend delicious family moments there. Until then, it wasn’t the forties The formality of his relationship with Deborah. Now is definitely the time! However, she had already spoken of her boyfriend and above all she had spoken of her deep desire to be a father. When you are in love, what is more beautiful than giving birth to a child? In the N Apartment program, on Canal +, Cyril Lignak announced her partner’s pregnancy. In fact, when asked about his projects, he admitted: “I would say … start a family! A A few months later, a new project is implemented here!

Early in the school year, Cyril Lignak will resume his professional life and his role as a chef In front of the camera. Entrepreneurs with a singsong accent certainly have no shortage of activity. Moreover, we are impatiently waiting for the new features that are waiting for us on the M6 ​​with this outstanding pastry chef we love! And congratulations to happy parents!

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