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He will be staying at Drax’s Town Hall this Thursday, July 7, where a ceremony has been arranged for him. “It is a great honor. I take it as a recognition of my work. “Jean-Bernard Souvenir, principal of Branley High School, has been retiring since 2014.” I loved communicating with students. Today I am a happy person. “
How did you get into national education?

Luckily, luckily. I started studying business before changing direction. I wanted to be a psychomotor therapist. Since I wanted to work with the kids, the head of the school told me that a psychomotor therapist is needed for national education. I tried my luck.

Promise of special education

What was your first position?

I was appointed head of the Saint-Antoine de Chinon Medical and Educational Institution. I cared for boys who were suffering from behavioral and behavioral disorders. I was 21 years old. It wasn’t easy every day. But then I realized that with kids, you have to show kindness and trust.

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Does special education have a big place in your career? I started with it and I’m still very attached to it. After all, I’ve dedicated 20 years to it. These children can also improve and have ambition. We need to guide and support them further. I have worked on several IMEs in Eure-et-Loir. I appreciate Anyway, I loved working wherever I went.

Why didn’t you spend your whole career there?

Because I wanted to discover the so-called general environment. I started with a CP-CE1 class. I am very proud to have taught these children to read.

“I’m very proud to have finished my career at Branley High School. It’s an institution that is important to the city of Drex.”

Jean-Bernard Savage (Empty)

Your journey does not seem to be linear.

I have navigated between classical and specialized education. I worked in advanced classes, Segpa. I was Master G in charge of rehabilitation assistance. I have worked closely with school psychologists. It was very fruitful. My background is undoubtedly atypical. But, for me, it’s consistent. As much as I am in positions, I have tried to take the children forward.

Happy to help young people grow up

How did you become an executive? I wanted to be the director of CMPP (Center Medico-Psycho-Pedagogical). But, there was no house. I was offered a job as an inspector. I didn’t want to, I wanted to keep in touch with the students. I have passed the management competition. I have worked in several colleges as an assistant and principal. I am ending my career as the headmaster of Branley High School. I am very proud of it. It is a beautiful installation of 1,650 students that has changed its image, which counts for the city of Drax. I think I did a good job with my team. I am leaving a healthy high school for my successor.

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Are you the most proud?

To contribute to my level of success in youth. I am very happy for the 29 Branley students who have been admitted to the Science Po in ten years. I am so proud of the journey of a child with Down’s Syndrome, who I was in class with and lives like everyone else today. I am happy to be able to contribute to the development of young people, to help them grow and mature.

Do you have any regrets? No, but I want the difference at school to be a little less scary.

At the beginning of the school year, Jean-Bernard Sauve will be replaced by Christophe Nerrand, the current headmaster of Lacy Pasteur in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Branly’s management team will be completely renewed. Accountant Yannick Foucault was employed at Descartes High School. Corinne Delfortry, Deputy Headmaster Cherberg was appointed to Nathalie Bidalt, Deputy Headmaster, became principal of Currie College in Drex. He will replace Ann Chebotter, moving to Dordogne.

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