Victor Perez, a Tarbes baby’s itinerary

Victor Perez (29, the 101st player in the world), the French No. 1 and recent winner of the European tour, has been playing in the British Open since this Thursday. It is one of the top four, and the oldest tournament in the world, celebrating its 150th edition this year. Don’t miss an appointment in Scotland, where he lives.

July is the month of the Tour de France. And if in Perez, we usually have a choice between rugby or rugby, we also like cycling. At the age of 3, young Victor went to La Mangi with his father Michelle to join a stage. Fascinated by the crowd waiting for the passage of the Baukal runners at Grande, the little kid doesn’t move: he wants to act like an adult. That’s when he took his bike and, for a few tens of meters, conquered his purpose by making a momentary climb in the mesmerizing gaze of the spectators. “He was so tired after sleeping, the runners, he didn’t see them,” his father smiled again.

Many years later, Victor Perez now has something better than waiting on the side of the road. This Thursday, the 29-year-old Turbis has a date with history as he plays the 150th edition of the British Open, in St. Andrews (Scotland), the home of world golf where the rules of the game have been laid down. Mid-18th century. A place that Bigardan knows perfectly well, winning his first title here on the European circuit in 2019. After all, in Scotland, Victor Perez is at home, he has been living there for several years now and has just bought a house in Edinburgh.

From Victor La Bigore to Victor the Scott

Over the years, Victor Le Bigordon has been replaced by Victor L’Anglo-Saxon, who moved to the United States very early, at just 18 years old. “But in spite of everything, he keeps the basics here, especially on the food,” Dad joked.
The son of a Jack-of-all-trades sports teacher who significantly trained at the Tarbes Stadoest at the very end of the last century and a nurse, Victor Perez Ball, or rather the child of the ball. In Séméac’s family home, football balls, basketballs and even tennis balls are everywhere. As much as Victor used to play sports as a child. “You would think that because of me or thanks to him he became a real little athlete, but with all these tools, he wasn’t forced to use it, if he had chosen another path it wouldn’t have been a problem. A

Yes, but here it is, the young Victor has a real problem, which is not really a problem: he wants to reproduce what he sees. In addition to her performance as a rider on Tourmalet’s climb, the little boy tries his hand at windsurfing on the sofa in the living room when he discovers images of the game on television. “He dressed up in everything, liked to make people laugh,” his father explained.

“He’s able to stay silent for a long time but when he makes a decision, he sticks to it, it’s like that and not otherwise.”

An interesting contrast with the image that the golfer can reflect today, who only rarely deviates from an all-British cuff when his word is valuable. “He’s a bit robotic, admits Dad, but he’s changed a bit, I’ve seen him in tournaments lately. But yes, he hides a little, it’s true. Yes and no, in fact, at the end of December, in his garden, at the Hippodrome de Laloubère golf course, Victor Perez shared his passion for playing for hours with local kids. With ease.

For those who hit their first ball with a crochet set from the age of three, it’s like getting back to basics. Here again, a story of mimicry as it looks at an old golf tape with a green jacket, made by journalist Jean-Louis Calmegen, Victor Perez is infected with the small white ball virus.

Thus, after tinkering with him, a club adapted to his size, Victor discovers greens. The birth of an emotion, even a video of Tiger Woods during his youth is a real obsession for a person who consumes hours upon hours.

Words and deeds

At the age of 11, the French champion, Turbis knows what he wants and, above all, how to achieve his goals. A few weeks before his graduation, which he will receive with honors, he had already announced in our columns: “For now, to be honest, I think golf, I dream of golf. […] Next year, I will take private lessons at Bearetz for a year, play my golf and work, and improve my English. A

The goal is clear, to secure a place in an American university for the start of the 2011 school year. From words to deeds, there is only one step for Victor Perez. “At first, he was entangled in the wire. He is able to remain silent for a long time, but when he decides on something, he sticks to it, it is like that and not otherwise. Her father said. I remember when he stopped playing the piano or occitan at school which took him a lot more time, he spoke to us with this concern for an argument. He has always made his own choices. A

Incubated for a year in the Basque Country by American Mike Magh, who will be his mentor, the young man is doing better and better in Shakespeare’s language and is also improving his game. And so he was drafted by the University of New Mexico, which awarded him a scholarship. Across the Atlantic, tuition fees run into the thousands of dollars a year are negligible. He studied there for four years and even finished his team captaincy before returning to the old continent, where he toured the Alps in 2015 (3rd European Division), before slowly climbing the stairs (read below).

“It’s often said that a golfer’s career really starts at 30, he admitted six months ago. I don’t have them yet, even if the youngsters aren’t waiting for Major to win for this milestone. But comparing yourself to an exception is not the best thing to do. “Instead of trying to run for glory, Victor Perez wants to ride the train slowly like a mountaineer. Or how not to forget the baby he was on the slope of the tourmaline.

June after a few months of black holes

Victor Perez, the winner of his first European circuit in Scotland in 2019, has turned 29e World rankings a year ago when in 2020, for his first participation as a Major in the US PGA, he finished 22nd.e Square
Long last year in the Ryder Cup race, No. 1 lost something for several months. After collaborating with veteran JP Fitzgerald, Rory McIlroy’s former caddy, he is now teaming up with his former university friend James Erkenbeck. Go back to 161 for a whilee World place, Victor Perez nevertheless had a great month in June with an incredible win at the Dutch Open, before taking his second trophy on the European circuit, Fine 3e I took place at the European Open in Porsche, Germany. One click to return to the top of the world hierarchy?

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