1 in 100: Endowment fund with a big heart from STMS SOLUTIONS

It’s called having a big heart like this: Toulouse company STMS through its partner organization STMS SOLUTIONS has created an endowment fund that aims to improve children’s hospital admissions and help families. The title of this fund is 1 in 100. One in 100 people is born with congenital heart disease. 1% is the sales volume that will be donated to the STMS SOLUTIONS Endowment Fund.

At the heart of this initiative is Sébastien Faure, general manager of STMS SOLUTIONS, whose personal experience has led him to commit himself to children’s hospitality. He realized that if the support of his organization was flawless, if the support of hospital and medical staff was commendable, on the other hand, there was still work to be done to improve the reception of children and families. “I wanted to maintain the momentum of this solidarity that was created to create beautiful things around us, he develops. It opened my eyes to the importance of this adventurous step in life that we can personally support the government authorities. A

Subtitle: The action of Little Heart of Butter

Sébastien was also able to rely on the dedication of an association, Petit Coeur de Beurre, which works to improve the quality of life of people with congenital heart disease and their families. “The companies’ commitment to sick children is very important to us,” underlined the association’s founder, Gail Marguin. The company that created this fund ensures the social commitment of STMS SOLUTIONS, especially its approach to congenital heart disease. A

With the University of Toulouse Hospital and the Association, 1 in 100 endowment funds will operate at different levels. In particular, reforms will be made to welcome children and their families into better condition. Events will also be organized to raise awareness among the people as much as possible through sports and technical values. More generally, the Endowment Fund will assist hospitals and the Petit Cরte d’Ivoire Association in their activities.

For this, 1 out of 100 people has to raise funds. “The hospital needs a sponsor,” said Yves Dulak, a pediatric cardiologist at Toulouse University Hospital. These grants will allow us to run reform projects that will greatly improve the reception of children and their families. A

Endowment fund grants also have access to tax benefits: companies can benefitA reductionTax up to 60% of the amount paid (within 0.5% of turnover)Business); The person, already, benefits fromA reductionIncome tax equal to 66% of the amount paid (within the limit of 20% of taxable income).

Projects will be proposed through the 1 sur 100 Endowment Fund to consolidate this power of sponsorship.

Intertitle: La Corida de Toulouse race to get started

A first concrete move to the fund took place on Friday 1 July: 25 STMS employees took part in Corida, a charitable competition that takes place on the streets of Villa Rose and donates all of its profits to associations associated with childhood. For each runner entered, the endowment fund donated € 60 to the Petit C ডিte d’Ivoire, a check for a total of € 1,500. A great effort that has created STMS, with 25 participants, the most involved in a competition among five companies.

Everyone is invited to contribute to the endowment by contributing something to this endowment fund. “By making a handprint 1, by offering € 1 out of every 100 funds raised, by helping us and thus helping hospitals and sick children, Sebastian Faur enlists. মনে We think this is because the children are around andHospitals affect all of us, we will help you with your CSR work by informing you through videos of our projects or associating them with our projects, especially reforms that help us see the light of day, but also charities or even joint solidarity cooperation projects that And will be offered on technical themes. If you want to go with us, contact us. Let’s make 1 for our little hearts together! A


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