A second yard for children at Montessori and Nature Schools and Louisente Vacation Center

“Students learn without realizing it. It is actually an axis of Montessori school pedagogy. “Our three pillars here are education, coexistence and ecology,” explains Morgan Planchon, manager and co-founder of the Montessori and Nature Schools and Lucent’s leisure center.

Created two years ago for kindergartens, the school will now open at primary level in September. For this, he had to install a new yurt last week, the installation of which was completed on Friday, July 8, 2022. It will accommodate 48 students with the possibility of getting 56 students.

“We teach students to do and learn for themselves. We guide them so that they can go to the end of their question and find the right answer. ”

“Nowadays with the dominance of the internet it is even more important where information can be found instantly but is not always of high quality. This education system allows students to go at their own pace. “Students help each other and explain the answers they get from their classmates. A

All about Eure-et-Loir’s first Montessori school

Multiply from kindergarten

Flipped classrooms encourage role-playing by students who work in the form of fun workshops. “By going through these activities, the brain is more available to integrate learning. They are both comfortable and attentive, “explains Morgan Planchon.” Some students understand the principle of multiplication and division early in kindergarten. Manipulation pays off for what they do, “he added.

Following the training of Maria Montessori Higher Institute, the mother of a student becomes an educator, the only one approved by the AMI (Association Montessori International). “My son is going to kindergarten in September. Malo already knows how to read, write and is able to add three-digits, ”said Marion Greenan.
In Lucent, the school is private, but has been announced by the Ministry of National Education. “We are following for inspection. We follow the general foundation of the ministry and each activity is matched with a skill, ”Morgan Planchon explained.

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Premium We spent one morning at the Montessori School in Petits Explor’acteurs, Luisant

Proven benefits and good stress management

Montessori education is not a superficial fad. Neuroscientific studies actually demonstrate the benefits of pedagogy in neuronal connections. Two major benefits emerge: the acquisition of learning to read and the management of stress and conflict. “The brain is much more available when the child is healthy,” assures Agathe Powells, teacher and co-founder of the Lucentis School.The teaching team during a meeting during the installation work of the second yard. Picture ThD.

“Rules allow students to be more independent. Feel free to learn as much as you want by following the appropriate activities. By becoming more independent, the child gains more confidence. “She is able to present her argument and has greater ability to handle stress and conflict,” the student’s mother summed up. “Malo needs her and sometimes expects us. He can tell us: “I think you’ll probably be upset, you need to breathe and relax,” he continued.

“Emotional safety, without forcing things, leads to more effective learning,” analyzed one of the six educators on the teaching team.

The school is open as a leisure center on Wednesday afternoons and holidays. 28 children are welcomed in the summer.

Thomas Despres

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