Belle Epoque

Cali, Bruno Calicuri for civilian dignity, has been an honorary citizen since 2013 in his hometown of Pyrenees-Orientalis, Vernet-les-Bains. She wrote this in her book “Only Children Know How to Love” (published in Cherche Midi in 2018). “When I arrive and cross the Vernet signpost, I feel like my watch is ticking again, it’s a foster country that puts my feet back on the ground, I think we each have a place of refuge, the first important kiss to pilgrimage to places. ”

“The village is so beautiful. If I close my eyes and pay attention, I’ll be back there. I’m in Vernet-les-Bains, “Only children know how to love,” Callie wrote in her book. I am lucky to have grown up in this village where everyone keeps an eye on others, where freedom comes with faith. It gives another poem of life. I just have to think about it to find the smell. Every feeling is intact. I see again Grotto of Loves, Casino Park, the place I loved for the first time, the place where people still hang out. When space doesn’t change, we all become older children. “

I have a slate with Vernet. I hate everything about him, my psychology is a reflection of him and I wanted to give it back

“We can link all the songs on the disc to Vernet. All of them were there for the first time.”Callie hid “Vernet-less-Bains” when she released her album ten years ago.

“I have a slate towards Vernet. I’m indebted to him, my psychology is his reflection and I wanted to give it back.”He insisted at the time to justify the name of his childhood town as the title of an album “I call this album Vernet-les-Bains because that’s where I was born and where I lived until I was 25. I’m talking about places I knew for the first time. The cave of lovers really existed. Vernet is my village. This is where I spent my childhood. I can rediscover the scent, but also people who know me and protect me, with whom I’m not talking about music.

Callie was built on error. His mother, a teacher, died of cancer at the age of 33 when he was six. She talks about her childhood in the book “Only Children Know How to Love”. And “Vernet-les-Bains” on his album. She recently rejected her latest album “Cave” (2020) and her teenage memories in a novel, “Cave means escape. Went to find, He said Emotions that make me feel good, adolescence, carousel rides, those moments when we build ourselves up, when we haven’t fallen in love yet but we just think about it. “

“Snorling and Brawl”

Callie is the king of the mix. Italian, Spanish and French blood flowed through his veins. “My grandfather was Italian and fought against Mussolini. With friends, they saw a clipping of a newspaper that spoke about the situation in Spain. And since he did not want what would happen to the Spanish people already living in Italy, he went there. International Brigade. His grandfather was a bricklayer, boxer, communist and Catalan.

Two promising figures, for a grandson who never surpassed. Callie doesn’t put her tongue in her pocket, backing Segolene Royal in the 2007 presidential election, a twice (unhappy) candidate in her Vernet village, revoking her father’s right to custody, signing an appeal in 2018 to save the planet.

As a young man, he was expelled from Pradesh High School after being baptized by his rock group Anal Penetration. “Snorling and Brawl” In rugby, he has been spotted by Perpignan club Yusap. He could have broken down, who knows, if he hadn’t fallen in love with an English woman, he would have run across the channel.

Add a little patank to the cocktail (he was the French junior champion in the triplets), perform music on village balls, jump into the concert crowd and displace his knees, breaking both ribs, a collarbone and ribs. It, it’s ready. It’s Callie. Stable in emergency mode. He repeats often We will die tomorrow! “. Like an indomitable longing for life. A call to strength. Callie jumps up, cheers, bites into life. We’ll die tomorrow.”

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