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Innovation for all types of farms.

The space jury awarded Innov’Space 2022 8 8-star mentions and 28 1-star mentions. In the program: some tools, image analysis, nutrition, applications and many other special solutions.

The space jury awarded Innov’Space 2022 8 8-star mentions and 28 1-star mentions. We naturally start at the top of the basket.

Innov’Space 2022: 2-star mentioned

– CEVA Santé Animale: Automatic selection sheet for dairy cows is eligible for selective deworming.
– Copix Hippic: Early detection of follicles through image analysis.
– Emily Vortex: Turbine straw blower (Eugenius system) with autonomous management of shredder and belt operation, avoiding breakage and jam.

Straw blower Emily Whirl

Whirlpool straw blower.

– Lubbing International: Ultrasonic Clean for Ultraflash System, Poultry Drinking System.
– Metex Nuvistago: Origin Counts !, Analysis of the life cycle of amino acids according to the source of production (carbon footprint).
– MSD Santé Animale: Support for safe vaccination of pigs with Porte Idal 3G, IDAL 3GM and 3GT.
– Vogelsang: Premix – Easy management of foreign companies at the entrance of DLU, methanization unit.
– Asserva: Self-feeder GFI, automatic feeding station for slaughtering pigs according to their weight.

Innov’s Space 1 star

– Adventurous: brings together OptiSoins, breeders and practitioners.
– Eyhard: Animal observation solution based on artificial intelligence and vision.
– Alflex from MSD Animal Health: Flex V2 year sensor for monitoring dairy and lactating cows.
– Buital Agri GmbH & Co: Beui-Fatrix: LM 101, a combination of methionine and lysine in a matrix for high yielding dairy cows.
– Biodevas Laboratories: Synia, composed of phytogenic active ingredients to improve intestinal health of pigs and reduce antibiotic therapy.
– Chambers of Agriculture of Brittany: Digicarg, a digital, interactive and fun tool that integrates innovative mediation technology for a digital tour of an experimental station.
– Ureden Cooperative: PiloT °, to quickly estimate the cholesterol uptake of pigs through their temperature.
– Copix: Autonomous farm supervision robot with ropic, camera and image analysis.
– Desvoys: Wear plates and foreign body recovery magnets in a mixing cup.

Desvoys mix bucket

Desvoys bucket.

– ECS: Electric multi-avic, self-propelled multi-function walk-behind.
– Fancom: Fantura tunnel, air inlet hatch ensures uninterrupted supply even in low flow.
– Fentech: Eco Thermo Fentech (ETF), a solar heating system especially suitable for farms in northwestern Europe.

Fentech Solar Water Heater - Innov Space 2022


– Idena: Forexix Iron, a dietary supplement to prevent iron deficiency anemia in pigs.
– Idexx: Precautions regarding farm pregnancy test, quick pregnancy self-test for cows using a normal blood sample.
– IFIP (Pork Institute): ‘Building and Pig Health’ training kit based on KifPork, e-learning module.
– INRAE: Gaela helps manage a rabbit farm through a smartphone app.
– Livestock Institute: Meat @ ppli, a smartphone application for determining the fat content of beef through image analysis.
– Intracare: Intra echo tape, biodegradable cohesive tape for the hoof care of ruminants.
– Lenormand Constructor: Bétadist, the rear door of the radio-controlled livestock trailer, with hydraulic cylinders at the mini-power station.

Pastoralist with Bétadist.

Bétadist in a Lenormand cattle truck.

– Metex Noovistago: Inneus®, a solution of amino acids and polyphenols to support intestinal health in pigs and poultry.
– MixScience: Megaplan, a decision support tool for modifying the butcher’s diet program.
– Nectra: Smart, repacking eggs without turning them directly into the incubation tray.
– Provimi Kargil: Silvair, a solution to reduce methane emissions by 10% through food.
– Rousseau: Minister 2.5m3; Feed storage is made from silo flax fiber.
– Livestock Synthesis: Hijicheck, the immediate generation of personalized clean / disinfection protocols for overhead livestock buildings.
– Trioworld: Trio2, a semi-barrier silage tarpaulin made of recycled plastic with high-end technical features.

Trio2 Silage Cover - Innov Space 2022

Trio2 cover.

– Urban Gmbh & Co.Kg: Ecoprotector UV-C, Floor and Calf Cottage Chemical Disinfection.
– Yxia: Simple and clean, artificial insemination probe that can be used without cleaning the sue valve.

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