Mohamed Bayo, the path of a child bursting by Claremont feet

Will Mohammad Bayo leave a trace in Clarmont Foot? Although the Claremont center-forward must be committed to the LOSC within the next few hours, which will allow the club to sign the biggest transfer in its history, the son of La Gauthier, when he was fed by CF63 at the age of six, by his position on the shape pitch, all young Has become an example for local footballers to follow. If his journey is not linear, his progress will be steady.

Lavale goal, first of all

He was like a child. He’s still little, moreover, since he was only 20 years old. But this August 14, 2018, Mohammed Bayo smiled like a child at the foot of a tree on a Christmas morning.

In Lavalle, Claremont qualified for the second round of the Coupe de la League for a 3-0 success. After a brace on the tail of Matthias Pereira, the young striker sealed the score after the hour mark. The first of his 38 goals was scored by Clarmont Foot for the first team for an indelible memory:

“It will be a good memory, with the player exposed, with bright eyes. I am very happy, it is very beautiful. I was a little stressed, but not scared. I had success. A

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He had success, but above all he knew how to provoke it. Like former reserve coach Jean-Noel Cabezas, he will also learn how to take advantage of opportunities by showing reasons to those who previously liked him to join the first team.

But since September 2017 the baby of professional La Gauthier has taken its time. He changed positions, he was a lane player among the youth and in the reserve. With Claremont’s B, which didn’t stop him from scoring 9 goals in 2018, then five more in the axial position, in eight days, the following season. The team’s top scorer every time.

Momo Bayo, Clarmont’s favorite statistics:
38 goals: CF63 is the club’s second highest scorer since he started playing professionally, after Remy Dugimont (40).
22 goals: The top scorer in Ligue 2 in 2020-2021, Bayo is the Clarmont Foot player who has scored the most goals in the L2 season.
51 goals: Bio’s total goals with Clarmont feet between seniors (L1, L2 and CFA2 / N3).

But in the Ligue 2 group, he remains largely in the hierarchy, behind Florian Aye or Faneva Andreatsima. He only plays the bits of the match, and so went to Dunkirk in the winter of 2019 “I think it’s a good thing for him,” predicted CF63 coach Pascal Gastian. Maybe he didn’t mean so well …

“I’ll never forget him”: From La Gauthier to Ligue 1 with Clarmont Foot, Mohamed Bayo tells his story around him

Dunkirk, Kovid and lots of goalsPhoto by Frank Boileau

Mohammed Bayo did not leave CF63’s home just by assembling in the north. He also left his mother in Clarmont, to fly to Dunkirk on his own. After six months of adjusting and scoring two goals in ten games, he is back in “Jean Bert’s town” for the entire season. Covid would block it in March, but Clarmont took full advantage of the center-forward experience and scored 18 goals with the USLD, 13 in the N1, and 5 in the Coupe de France.

“It simply came to our notice then. I would love to be bright in my city on L2. But since I’ve only played at N3, evolving at N1 lets me be flat. I too have matured in all respects. Being alone has taught me a lot. “

“Momo” Bayo, a climb in an accelerated version 6

Grubick’s successor was already at the club

Extended for two seasons in 2020, Mohammed Bayo is entering his first real League 2 season as an understudy for the striker. Jordan Tale, who arrived a few weeks ago, must take charge from Adrian Grabick, who left for Lorient, and the La Gouthier player must learn from his context. He even played an N3 match with the reserve. And scored a goal again.

But from the 3rd day, he started at the peak with the chance of injury to the former Renaissance, Oxre. A place she won’t let go, even if she waits until the 6th day to unlock – finally! – His counter at L2, facing Rodez. “I’ve been waiting for it, it feels so good! “, Was able to benefit interested parties.

The rest, 22 goals, his two hat-tricks, rising to Ligue 1, that’s what we know.

League 1, a springboard despite obstacles

He could have left for Bordeaux, Lille (yes already), Fenerbahce or Spartak Moscow last summer. “I don’t know yet, he also announced his intentions. The best project will come and we will see. “

Claremont had the best of the foot, but the striker, already three goals on his personal counter, waited until 11:41 pm on the last day of the transfer window. Twitter. “I’m staying.” About a month later, he will extend his contract for one year until 2024.

A stability that will allow him to continue his progress, playing CAN, he will be able to fully participate in the Clarmont Foot maintenance in Ligue 1 in March 2021 with the selection of joining Guinea and with 14 goals and 5 assists.

Under the spotlight, Mohamed Beyo will face more media exposure, especially when he had a road accident while driving with 0.88 grams of alcohol in his blood. One morning in October 2021, he received a two-month suspended prison sentence, a € 4,000 fine and his driving license. Suspended.

At the age of 24, he will therefore return to a region in the north, which has already been a success for him. But his challenge, in a LOSC where his strength and sense of purpose will be tested, is of a completely different size.

Laurent Calmut

Photo: Richard Brunel, Frank Boilleu, Francis Campagni

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