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pixpayPayment cards for teenagers co-piloted by parents, getting closer GohenryA pioneer and leader in financial education for children aged 6-18 in the UK.

With a common mission – to teach every child how to manage their finances with the help of their parents – Pixpay and GoHenry aim to rapidly expand their base of more than 2 million members, accelerating their growth in the UK, US, France and Spain and Europe. Aims to become a world leader in financial education.

In just two years, Pixpay has established itself as a leader Adolescent banking In France and Spain, its achievement with 200,000 members. The rapidly expanding juvenile payment card market is growing extremely fast. Its inauguration in Spain in November 2021, less than two years after its commercial launch in France, embodies the ambition to become a benchmark player in Europe in the financial education of the younger generation. To support its launch, Pixpay has raised more than 11 million since April 2019 from the Global Founders Capital Investment Fund and from BpiFrance through the Digital Venture Fund.

Launched in the UK in 2012, GoHenry has helped develop financial education for children and adolescents ages 6-18. With more than 2 million members currently in the United Kingdom and the United States, this integration with Pixpay enables GoHenry to significantly accelerate its growth. GoHenry successfully raised $ 40 million in 2020 to support its top position in the UK and its expansion into the US. GoHenry’s investors include French growth fund Revia, US investment fund Edison Partners, City Ventures and Muse Capital.

GoHenry and Pixpay will continue to operate under their own brand, without any change in management, headquarters or staff. GoHenry will continue to work in the United Kingdom and the United States and Pixpay in France and Spain and more extensively in all continental European countries. Pixpe plans to expand to Italy and Germany later this year.

The acquisition will allow both companies to accelerate their growth by realizing the combination of knowledge and resources, which will free up funds to reinvest in financial education for children and adolescents.

Pixpay CEO Benoit Grassin says: “Joining GoHenry is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate Pixpay’s expansion across Europe and build its position as a global leader in adolescent banking. Combined with the same values ​​and the same ambition to reinvent financial education, we look forward to strengthening our value proposition through GoHenry’s experience and tradition. A

Alex Givodar, CEO of Gohenry, commented : “Pixpay is one of the most advanced players in Europe and we are interested not only in accelerating the growth of GoHenry, but also in combining our skills in financial education to accelerate the financial empowerment of more children and adolescents around the world. This operation marks an important chapter for the future of financial education. A

Pixpay and GoHenry have come together in their ambition to make a strong contribution to the financial education of the youngest. PixPay integrates automated saving methods into its app so that teens can easily save money. The start-up also offers each teenager an analysis of the carbon impact of their transactions. GoHenry recently launched its first savings account (ISA Junior) and launched the “Money Mission” to teach young people the basics of money in a fun way.

About Pixpay:

Founded in France in 2019 by Benoit Grassin, Nicolas Klein and Caroline Ménager, Pixpay offers banking options for 10-year-olds. Its ambition: to help children manage their finances better in a cashless world.

Pixpay offers teens a MasterCard payment card and a mobile app that allows them to make payments, payments, save money or get discounts on their favorite brands. It also includes a mobile app for parents, providing them with a safe, educational and practical solution to monitor and support their children on a daily basis. For more information, see Pixpay.fr

About GoHenry:

A pioneer in financial education for 6-18 year olds, GoHenry is a financial education app and prepaid debit card with gamified money lessons in the app, designed to teach kids and teens how to manage their money more smartly from an early age.

Launched in 2012, GoHenry helps teens learn about money by teaching them age-appropriate money management skills that they can practice in a safe environment, all under parental control.

GoHenry’s in-app financial education lessons, Money Missions, reinforce this real-life learning in an interactive, rewarding, and fun way for kids and teens to learn the financial skills they need for life.

For more information, see GoHenry.com.

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