Saint Malo. ‘Port area to change in ten years’

It could be the end of a sea snake, in Saint-Malo (Ile-et-Villain). Until now, two marines owned by the region, such as commercial ports, have been operated by two companies: the City for Les Sublans and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for Vouban.

“These two concessions are coming to an end, we have chosen to align them for the sole management of the two ports”, Stephen Perrin explains, the vice-president of the region and the reference to the port of Saint-Malo.

In what form? The board was dismissed for that “Lack of flexibility”. The call for tenders in a very competitive sector was also not in favor of the region, which wanted to choose its partner and maintain proximity to the manager. Hence a 3e The path has taken shape.

Creation of a local public company

The ambitions of the region exceeded the wishes of the municipal team, announced after arriving at the town hall, committed to managing the yachting. To keep management 100% universal, the two shareholders will create a local public company (SPL) in the city and region, as there is already one for tourism. “A choice to have a master on board”, Stefan Perrin continued.

The CTO sees the benefits in: “Our priority was to stay close to the users. This method of management will allow us to improve the conditions of welcoming our users, attracting ports and improving the capacity of the port of Les Sablon. “ Jean-Virgil Cranes, the first deputy of St.-Malo, is listed. Mooring of Vaseux and Solidor will merge the company.

Armel de Lesquen and Jean-Virgil Crans, elected officials from Saint-Malo, worked with the region’s vice-president, Stephen Perrin, to create a new way of managing the marina. © West-France

An extension of 250 places in Les Sablons

Invisible to users, this change in management mode will encourage port modernization and extension work. “It’s always hard to do major tasks when you’re discounted for five to ten years of equipment, Armel de Lesquen, the elected municipal official in charge of the port, explained. With this SPL, you can project yourself without the Sword of Democracy above your head. A

The developments discussed over the years will therefore see the light of day, such as the expansion of the port of Sabalon to two and a half hundred places. “Other modernization works are planned, such as a new dock, a caring area, space for construction sites or a dry port”, Armel de Lesquen continues. The first work can be imagined in a year.

Waiting twenty years for a place

Combining two ports under a single entity would allow more dynamic management of berths, which is so expensive to obtain. There are currently 1,600 people on the waiting list.

That’s it “A little less than twenty years!” “Increasing the number of places is not enough answer. There is a need to facilitate rotation between the basins, which have different uses. “ Armel de Lesquen argues.

In viewfinder, “Sucking Boat”Which come out twice a year, or less. “We can consider regulations to encourage those who sail a lot and use others to use the dry port. A

And for non-shipping?

They will also benefit from new collaborations between cities and regions. The port of Sablon, in particular, aims to be more open to the city and become a place of life and walking.

“The region is also investing in the development of an interface with the city and a ferry terminal. Les Sablon will be a continuation of this project, ”he said. Specifies Stephen Perrin.

A global project that will not forget the requests of a nautical center or a technical center for offshore racing. “In ten years, the port area will be transformed.” Gene-Virgil promises Crans.

Bet on region yachting

This is the new management method, which should be created in 1er January 2023, formed “First brick” A regional policy in favor of the port. The Britannia region owns twenty-two Breton ports and wills “Support this evolving activity, drive economic growth”.

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