School holidays: Let your child discover the benefits of remedial education online

We obtained with Gauthier Seys from Stereochic Eugenie Pettigrew-Ladyarde Aiedor Company. Together, we return to the challenges of maintaining school during the summer. To this end, our guest has created a remedial education service accessible from anywhere in the world to help students on the path to academic success.

Working in the summer: The key to success

According to the Council of Higher Education, The parents of one in four high school students use personal help, an average of two hours a week Throughout the year, even in summer. In 2005, a survey of the number one academy in tutoring found that teaching was now taken from a young age: 22% of enrolled were from high school, 14% from college and 5% from elementary school.

Summer is an opportunity to train children’s imagination and creativity (which they have less time for during the school year).

Along with your child’s remedial lessons throughout the holiday week, you will allow your child, while playing, to find a structure when the daily life of the school suddenly disappears with the onset of summer vacation.

And yes kids need a routine that gives them stability and stimulates them emotionally!

What is orthopedics?

But what is orthopedics? It is the science of education whose purpose is to evaluate and intervene with students who may present or present problems in school learning, including learning disabilities. His practice is based on research in orthodontics, pedagogy, pedagogy and cognitive science.

Orthopedic assessment includes knowledge, techniques and cognitive processes, mainly mentioning the difficulties presented by the student in reading, writing and mathematics. This includes screening for students who may have learning difficulties. Orthopedic assessment also considers other factors that may affect learning, such as motivational and motivational, socio-familial and school factors, in particular educational approaches.

Based on the evaluative decision, the orthopedic intervention has a preventive or re-educational goal of a corrective or compensatory nature, allowing the student to make the best progress in school learning in reading, writing, and mathematics. It targets students directly and involves collaborating with relevant stakeholders (teachers, parents, professionals).

So this ultra-personal support that AIDEOR, a French-speaking expert in online remedial education, offers you to set up easily and efficiently.

AIDEOR, remedial education and emigration

AIDEOR is a company registered in Singapore. It was founded by its director, who himself is a remedial teacher: Eugenie Petigru-Ladier, our guest.

This former globetrotter wants to combine his two passions (remedy education and travel). She wants to travel through the teaching and learning practices she provides. Millions? All those francophones can benefit from the positive effects of remedial education at the very heart of their place of residence.

A pioneer in telemedicine education and a reference to the impact of remedial education internationally, AIDEOR today consists of 7 remedial teachers, a team of 4 administrators who help students in different countries (Kazakhstan, Canada, Guinea, France, Germany, Spain and many more). .

Listen to the podcast with Eugénie Pettigrew-Leydier

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