Vicky and “Studio Child” in the interview

Earlier this summer, Franco-Gabonese rapper Vicky R was busy with the festival. NXNE In Toronto, travel and performances with streetwear brand Snipes in the Netherlands, even Chilla, Sheldon, Bamao Yande and Benjamin Apes … a concert at the Parisian festival Day of the Evening where French-speaking hip-hop was honored to take the stock this year And find this artist, especially in this career that he started at a very young age, a little tired.

For those who don’t know you, can you tell us your story? You grew up in Gabon, Libreville and then in 2008 at the age of 10-11 you came to settle in Lille.

Basically, I came to France on vacation because my sister was already living here. At the end of the summer, they explained to me that I was not coming back. My mother, who had a thousand lives, planned to follow a one-year training course in Brussels. He was responsible for Gabon’s finance deputy mission. So, I was the last, he didn’t want to leave me in Gabon. I came to Lille in 6th grade and then once registered in France, I did all my schooling here.

You spent your childhood and adolescence in Lille and Libreville, with whom did you grow up?

I was into American music. In terms of music, in terms of influence, in terms of clothing, Gabon was leaning towards the United States at that time. When my brother, my sister and my cousins ​​came home, we heard lots of American rap. So I can hear as much as Ja Rule, Shawn Paul, Ashanti, JZ, Akon or Eve. It was the artists who walked the gabion, it was really the word that identified me and that is what I encounter every day. After the French rap, there is obviously Buba. My brother who was in St. Louis, Senegal, at the military school, came back one summer with the album To the west Buba’s it really is, my pure meeting with Buba. He is still one of my favorite artists and his writing is very colorful. He has been blamed for the paternity of the speech (note of the editor of “Metagoras”), it is crazy.

And towards the Gabonese rap, what should we remember?

Both then and now there are plenty of offers in the Gabonese rap. I was very franchised and Americanized when I was younger. Today artists use a local slander. It’s really a rap very specific to our Gabonese culture. And it’s crazy, after so many years that we found our own code. If I move away from the Gabonese rap because it speaks less to me in terms of music, there are artists who I really like Tris, Eboloco and who are part of this new generation of rappers. There are also EvaNelfa, even Don Skin.

You were beaten at a very young age of 11/12, what took you there?

This is a dating story. When I came here, I had a cousin who brought me to the studio and bitmaking aroused my curiosity. I asked for the software and it was installed for me. I went to Gabon’s studio before. But as a spectator, a music lover and a fan of artists I went to see them while recording. What’s really great about Gabon is that at the time the artists were promoting, they kept telephone numbers while broadcasting on television. And you can call joining tapings. Me, I asked and I was lucky to have older sisters and older brothers who were present with me and who were also fans. I was younger: I was between 7 and 10 years old. I’m really a studio kid. This is how I got acquainted with many artists. These artists are now big brothers and big sisters. They all know me. And they are happy to see evolution.

However, did you almost start a production of Shawn Paul? What is this story?

That was in 2010. I’m back in Gabon, and there are plenty of events in the summer. I was with my mother who introduced me to a lot of people. And I ended up talking to a woman producer. He introduced me to Shawn Paul’s team, telling them I was a musician. At that time, I had a small level, I was able to do structural productions with real tunes. We went to the studio, they listened to my offer and took one. But in the end it never happened, because there were money stories and little weird things coming into play. But the episode is crazy!

Against this background as a beatmaker, how do you work when you compose?

Today I compose less, because I write more and I have to sing more. Mostly, so are the beatmakers who compose and send me their proposals. But I’m still in the studio and guiding. I know what I want, in terms of words. What I called more then Advertising Towards writing to make arrangements, I get inspiration from my daily life or my loved ones. And, if I don’t get inspired right away when I go to the studio, I’ll read articles, open a book that I’m reading right now.

And what are the books that inspire you?

It’s a little special but I use a lot of collections The fable of La Fontaine. I love that. French is a beautiful language and the fiction is very well written. This notion of morality always lasts. I am inspired by rhyme, that is the way morality is brought. I have a rhyming dictionary by the way. I don’t write random words. I have ideas and then I look at the possibilities.

Speaking of songs, you sang last night. “Just rap here, we don’t rape females “. Do you think we still talk too much about female rape?

When you look at the media, there are still a lot of people who belong to the genre of music. And I don’t understand how you can genre a music style. We are musicians. There are rappers and rappers and what binds us is rappers. And referring to “female rap” seems like they didn’t want to include us. This part, which has not been published yet, I play it on stage to see the reaction of the people and convey this message to them. There are many ways to assert your feminism. If there’s one way we have to claim as musicians, it’s in our music. Other than that at the same time I have long had the idea that I was asked more questions about feminism than my music. Although I am an artist. This is why for some time, with my team, we have rejected some interviews centering on this.

The documentary was released last year Queen for the love of rap Guillaume Genton where we follow you as well as four rappers Chilla, Devinhor, Le Juis and Bianca Costa composed the song.AHOO“How do you live the experience?”

I was terrified because there were artists I didn’t know – Daninho and Bianca Costa. But when we got to the set, we took the time to chat with the girls. And now we are a family. We are moving forward in our respective careers, but we have realized that we need to support each other. We have seen the effect that “AHOO“I think five or ten years from now, when we talk about landmark RAP collaboration, we’ll talk.”AHOO“It simply came to our notice then. In any case, it has opened the door for us. We had a big year, I published a project (RHC, Editor’s comment). Now the goal is to hit themselves.

Did you catch up later?

Honestly, I’m not terrified, because music is my passion. It is the best I know how to do. And I’m lucky today that I think my music is appropriate. Nothing is imposed on me. I am a 95% decision maker. So I’m going to give my best and talk a little deeper about my art, my text, my age. Offer beautiful and good music. I am a very optimistic person and we are going to defend this project.

And we can say that the program is loaded at the moment: the festival NXNE Your trip to Toronto, the Netherlands.

Festival NXNE, It was the first date we had with the English team with my team. In five days we did a lot, we recorded the sound, we did a feature with local artist Omega Mighty, we did a video shoot, we made a vlog. It was madness. And then the audience picked up the vibe. Every time people come and tell me: “We don’t understand what you are saying, but what you are doing is very good. “. It started to move, it got better. When we went to the Netherlands as part of my partnership with the Snipes brand, we met a lot of people, including a large design team. I think we’re going to move there, to work before the holidays.

What should we expect for your next project?

Open! There will be many more rapped songs. No albums yet but soon, after two EPs or one EP Long format of 8/9 titles. I’m going through a lot of things right now, so you have to take the time to absorb and copy it.


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