How to send an Instagram direct message to Mac using Safari and Flum

Instagram Restricts users to sharing photos and videos and sends a direct message when connected via PC or Mac as opposed to Facebook and Twitter. From you can usually scroll through the feeds and see the updates, but there’s no way for you to upload photos / videos or view stories and send messages directly to Instagram from your computer. So, in this article, I will show you There are two different ways to send instant messages directly to Instagram on Mac.

Moreover, Instagram is designed to be used on your mobile and it looks great on your phone. You can post photos and videos, find new artists and photographers, and even send direct messages to your friends. However, the desktop / web version of Instagram. In other words, it has little to do with the version of Instagram that you access through the Internet browser on your desktop or laptop computer. You can still access updates from the people you follow, as well as find new people to follow, but you can’t post or send messages directly on your own.

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What you will learn in this guide:

There are two ways to send Instagram messages directly to Mac

So you know everything about the desktop version of Instagram and there is no easy way to send DM from Mac to Instagram. There is actually a way to send Instagram messages directly from your phone.

Method # 1. Send Instagram direct messages to Mac using Safari

You can DM Instagram from Mac using developer tools that allow you to customize how your internet browser works.

Step 1. Keep going And log in to your account from Safari.

2nd step. Click “Safariতারপর Select তারপর then in the menu bar at the top of your screenPreferences

Step 3. “Go toAdvanced“And don’t forget to check the box”Show the develop menu in the menu bar“Once verified, you can Off Preferences menu.

How to Send an Instagram Direct Message to Mac Using Safari and Flum

Step 4. Click “DevelopIn the ব menu bar then selectPractical messengerThen select the option you haveIPhone“At the end, there should be only one near the top of the menu.

How to Send an Instagram Direct Message to Mac Using Safari and Flum

Step 5. Now, Reload or refresh Instagram. You will see a functional version of the mobile app on your phone. You will see Instagram direct message icon In the upper right corner.

How to Send an Instagram Direct Message to Mac Using Safari and Flum

This little trick lets you view and send instant messages directly from your Mac to the Safari browser. You’ll be able to edit and upload photos and stories just like the app on your phone The only downside is that you can’t upload videos.

Method # 2. Flum is a third party app that lets you send Instagram DMs to Mac

Flume is a beautiful Mac app that lets you view Instagram as a forum specifically designed for macOS. It gives you new Instagram DM updates and lets you send messages. If you use Instagram as part of your work to connect with fans, followers and customers, you will really appreciate Flume.

In the meantime, you get help with translated comments and translations so you can understand what all your followers are saying Also, the Pro version lets you edit and upload photos directly from your Mac It’s better to show the version of the mobile app without just changing Safari, because Flume still lets you download videos. Direct message on Instagram Mac

Step 1. To download Nozzle For Mac.

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2nd step. After downloading the Flume app, Install This.

Step 3. Turn it on Nozzle Then apply Connection With your Instagram account.

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Step 4. Go now “SeeSelect the তারপর tab thenChat

How to Send an Instagram Direct Message to Mac Using Safari and Flum

Step 5. Find the person you want to send the message to directly.


There were two easy ways to send Instagram direct messages to Mac using Safari and Flum, respectively. In case of excessive computer usage you can use any means to send Instagram DM directly from the comfort of your computer. Direct message on Instagram Mac

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