‘Missing your child’: American woman hands over her 12-year-old daughter to airline staff ‘doesn’t think anything is going wrong’

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Tikto, a 39-year-old mother from Georgia, USA, shared how American Airlines lost her child on a flight from Chatanuga to Miami. The little girl was supposed to be reunited with her father for 3 weeks, but flight attendants lost track of her after landing.

It’s every parent’s nightmare ানো losing your child. And yet this is exactly what Georgia’s mother, Monica Gilliam, experienced in the United States. The 39-year-old mother told Fox News that she dropped her 12-year-old daughter off at the gate of an American Airlines flight at Chatanuga Airport in Tennessee. Her daughter had to fly alone to see her father in Miami for 3 weeks.

Monica Gilliam said she paid an extra $ 150 on top of the ticket price to take her daughter directly to her father, who was waiting for her to land, as part of the program. “Children without a suitable parent” But everything went according to plan …

American Ticket has released a video to tell the rest of the story: “About an hour after his flight landed, I received a call from American Airlines. It was the manager of Miami – the manager of American Airlines – and he said, ‘Your child is missing. We have closed the terminal. We don’t do that. We know where he is.” “She laments.

However, the journey began without any hindrance. Her daughter was supposed to leave at 8 in the morning. So they arrived at the airport early to check on their daughter with the airline as an unmarried minor. “They give you a lanyard that your baby can wear [autour du cou] And it contains all the information about the child – his boarding pass, which lets everyone know that he is not traveling with an adult. “Monica Gilliam explains.

Her daughter has breakfast at the airport, then an air hostess takes her on the plane and “I brought him on board first, which is what they’re supposed to do with an unaccompanied minor.”He continued. “I was there until the plane took off and then left. I didn’t think anything would go wrong.”

Monica does not understand how “You can lose an unaccompanied minor”, He lamented with Fox News. The American Channel therefore contacted American Airlines, which responded to a press release: “American cares deeply about its young passengers and is committed to providing them with a safe and enjoyable travel experience. We take these issues very seriously and are investigating what happened. A member of our team contacted the customer to learn more about his experience.

Tick ​​tock Mao tried to imagine what might happen to his daughter during the landing. “I think, knowing him, he’s very sweet. When the man sitting at the window got up, he said, ‘OK, I have to get up too.'”He says.

He added that his daughter told him that once he landed, “Flight attendants waved at him and said, ‘Wait a minute. I can see a small pool around his neck.'” However, American Airlines guidelines state that it is mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and 14 to travel alone.

According to Monica Gilliam, her daughter “I didn’t know what to do”So he keeps walking. Yet he knows what to do after landing when traveling together, he claims. “It’s going to claim luggage.”

“She was trying to get to her father [par téléphone], He was in line to get his boarding pass when he received a message from him, and he said, ‘I will stay calm and if you feel comfortable reading the signs, I will try to bring you to me as soon as possible’. And they did. “

The 12-year-old girl finally became safe and healthy to him. “But he was walking around alone with this little companion tag on his body. He was letting people know – in Miami, the epicenter of human trafficking – that he was alone and trying to find his way.”Underlines his mother, who now wants to warn other parents against unforeseen events that can happen when a child travels alone. “I’m so glad she was safe.”What he said. “But it could end really, really badly.”. He added that “Other parents and children” Those are definitely traveling this summer “Be aware that this could happen.”

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