The Black Knight satellite and the alien conspiracy surrounding it

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In 2017, conspiracy theorists claimed that the Illuminati had shot a UFO. They called the object a “black night satellite” and said it had been orbiting the earth for more than 13,000 years when secret society leaders took action.


It was an insane claim, but it was the last to draw attention to a 1973 conspiracy theory.

The idea is that an alien spacecraft has been orbiting the Earth since the Stone Age. Some believe that NASA and various governments have actively covered it. Meanwhile, experts are adamant that only scientific misunderstandings about space debris and radio signals are responsible.

Believers claim that the evidence for the existence of the Black Knight satellite dates back to at least the 19th century, when Nikola Tesla received a bizarre radio transmission in his laboratory in Colorado Springs. And it goes back to a 1998 mysterious NASA photograph that contained a strange object in orbit.

The first evidence of the Black Knight satellite

Nikola Tesla Experimental Station

Wikimedia CommonsTesla test station in Colorado Springs.

Evidence for the Black Knight Satellite comes from a combination of isolated events throughout history that theorists have gathered over the last 100 years.

Many were only added earlier, such as the idea that the famous physicist Nikola Tesla inadvertently discovered extraterrestrial transition from matter in 1899.

While working in his Colorado lab, Tesla built a highly sensitive wireless radio receiver and received a series of unexpected electrical signals. Tesla interpreted these as a series of digital codes and believed that they came from “extremely intelligent creatures” on Mars.

The Black Knight Satellite Observatory was convinced that he was wrong and that the signal he received was the first time aliens on a satellite had tried to communicate with humans on Earth.

Further evidence comes in 1927, believers said, when Norwegian engineer Jেনrgen Hulls made a startling discovery. While conducting a radio transmission test, Hales picked up a series of echoes of the returning signal three seconds after the end of its transmission. These signals, called long-delayed echoes, have been observed since then but have not been fully explained.

Then, in 1954, New York Times UFO researcher Donald Kiho has made a claim that a Pentagon source has confirmed the existence of two “natural satellites” orbiting the earth. The Army Office of Ordnance Research listed a team of astronomers to search for satellites near Earth, but project officials never refused to make any searches.

The plot grows to include an official cover

Black Knight satellite from South Africa

NASAThe “Black Knight Satellite” observed off the coast of South Africa in 1998.

The conspirators consider the 1954 article and deny not only evidence of the existence of the Black Knight Satellite, but also an official cover. Russia’s actual satellite launches in 1957 and the United States in 1958 further clouded the water.

On February 11, 1960, the U.S. Navy spotted a “dark, rolling object,” which the Department of Defense alleged was a space debris from an Air Force Discover satellite. Declassified Pentagon documents later revealed that it was a lie and that the object was in fact a U.S. recovery satellite for spying on Russia.

The following year, renowned ufologist Jack Valley claimed that he had recorded footage of a UFO that was in reverse orbit around the Earth’s rotation – until it was annoyingly seized, reinforcing allegations that NASA was hiding something.

Epsilon Botis Map

International Union of AstronomyA map of the stars from which Duncan Lunan claimed that 1927 radio signals were sent – a claim he later withdrew.

Then, in 1973, Duncan Lunan, a science fiction writer, came up with a theory that combined all these phenomena and gave birth to the current story.

Lunan told the magazine Spacecraft A 13,000-year-old UFO orbiting the Earth was responsible for the bizarre sightings and signals. He even claimed to have decoded them as a message, saying they were directed at an alien race with a double star called “Epsilon Boots”.

Lunan later withdrew his fantasy claim and insisted he had nothing to do with the “irrationality of the Black Knight Satellite.” But by then the conspiracy had spread in UFO circles without him. And in 1998, believers were willing to disbelieve what NASA told them, especially an official photograph that they could see with their own eyes.

Dark Knight UFO debunking

NASA JPL headquarters

Wikimedia CommonsNASA has never deviated from the fact that the UFO in its 1998 images was nothing more than a thermal blanket.

According to NASA, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the image in question. The International Space Station was under construction, and NASA sent the first space shuttle mission to help build.

The shuttle station brought equipment with four thermal blankets to insulate the trunnions. But one of these blankets came and went during a spacewalk.

“Jerry, a thermal blanket has escaped from you,” Commander Robert Cabana radioed astronaut Jerry Ross.

Among the countless photographs taken by astronauts at the time were capturing the silhouettes of a few thermal liners. There it was, a dark and mysterious object floating in space above a cloudy planet. An object called 025570 falls out of orbit and burns forever after a few days.

Image from NASA Black Knight satellite

NASAThe image was taken in 1998 during NASA’s first space shuttle mission to the International Space Station, sparking renewed interest in the Black Knight satellite.

It is unlikely that Russian astronaut Sergei Krikalev knew that the image he took would be misinterpreted. Former NASA astronaut James Oberg, however, is well aware of the extent of the discrepancy between professionals capable of going into space and those who dissect their images.

“Before leaving NASA, I led the trajectory design team that created the mission profile,” he said. “Every step is consistent with what I’ve learned as a lifelong space flight operations expert: why the covers were needed, why one was opened, why it floated like that.”

“The difference is that, for the general public, all of these features are supernatural for people who have never before experienced only about the earthly principles of heating, work, movement, and dozens of other aspects of outer space.”

Tesla’s bizarre radio transmissions have also been explained over the years he has written about them. The scientific consensus is that he probably encountered the electromagnetic signal emitted by the pulsar, which was not discovered until the 1960s.

Of course, there is no real consensus on the exact purpose of the Black Knight satellite. And as it stands before Black Knight Satellite conspiracy theorists, no explanation, or any other, for this evidence can disprove its existence.

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