What beautiful pool model to choose for your kids?

Children and swimming

Kids love water, it’s a common occurrence. To justify this, if we only consider one case, it is that a baby’s gestation lasts 9 months, in a fluid environment. You will notice that 3 or 4 months after birth, the baby is still comfortable in the water. His innate reflection allows him to swim freely, not drowning, completely confident. And even if, over time, these reflections are lost, the love for water remains. This is why buying an inflatable pool for sunny days is a great idea. It lets you cool down while enjoying a good time to spend with others.

It is important to make it clear that outdoor pools for children are not at all comparable to Olympic pools, far from it. However, exposure to water from an early age can give children a taste for swimming.

Swimming is more than just a sport. Indeed, swimming teaches, like all sports activities in general, a sense of rigor and discipline. For children, it allows them to master the technique of breathing. As a result, your body has better oxygen, since oxygen is more evenly distributed throughout the body. Swimming also helps to have a harmonious muscle. It has the specialty of satisfying all the muscles of the body (arms, legs, back, abs). Thanks to the fluidity of the water, there is no risk of trauma. It is also important to mention that water is an ingredient that allows the baby to wake up sensitively. This allows him to sharpen his senses, be more aware of the environment, improve his balance and his concentration.

So, if you want your daughter to develop a passion for water sports next time, give her an inflated pool! Especially since the sunny days are almost here, so don’t wait. This selection of products is designed to help you.

Swimming pools are different for children and adults. If an adult only needs a basin filled with water, the child, meanwhile, needs to stimulate his other senses (hearing, touch, sight, etc.). This is why there are dozens of sizes and shapes for kiddie pools. We have selected the top 5 on the market to guide you to the right choice for your child.

Editor’s Selection: Inflatable Playground Pool

We get to the heart of the matter withIntex inflatable playground. This small gem is an assembly of 2 basins, the largest of which is at the front. The advantage of this playground compared to other models is that it is equipped with a slide between the two pools. As a result, children can start from the back pool, slide down and end up in the front pool. And if you look behind the pool, you will see a rainbow decorated with skill games.

The Intex playground is made of plastic, which makes it light and easy to transport. The dimensions of 297 x 193 x 135 cm make it a pool suitable for children 3 years or older. Finally, the swimming pool is multicolored, which also helps to awaken the senses of children. We recommend this pool to those who have a large garden.

Paddling pool

Basic, simple and effective: Swimming pool paddling pool bestway. It is a round bulging pool, 102 cm in diameter and 25 cm in height.

This type of pool is ideal for children between 2 and 3 years old. In fact, as soon as the child can sit on his own, this pool is suitable for him. The low height of the pool water cannot be dangerous for the baby. We recommend this pool to extremely young children who also want to enjoy their sunny days.

Pavilion swimming pool

In terms of the original size for the swimming pool, here Bestway Pavilion Swimming Pool. This model is very easy to recognize, its roof height is 114 cm. The roof has a sun canopy held by two air rings. This roof may be amazing at first, but it makes it possible to avoid a problem associated with light rays in a very simple way: sunburn, which can affect young and old. The sun’s roof is anti-UV treated, which greatly reduces the risk of sunburn. We encourage parents of children with particularly sensitive skin to offer this model to their children.

Mushroom Pool

Still in the swimming pool section with the original size, here Intex Mushroom Pool. The basin is hung by a large plastic mushroom, the cap of which is a beautiful red color and the arms yellow. The specialty of the mushroom pool is that it is able to protect the little ones from the heat, which is not insignificant during extreme heat. If your garden has little or no shade, we recommend a mushroom pool.

“Jurassic” pool-playground

Is your child a fan of dinosaurs? So we offer you Intex Jurassic Bouncy Castle. Its fun and colorful design is exclusive to the brand. The pool has a slide and a friendly blue dinosaur sits to one side. This playground is specially designed for children 3 years of age or older. It is a wide swollen pool (2.49 x 1.91 x 1.09 m) with a capacity of 216 liters which can accommodate several children at the same time.

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