Adoption: What are the steps to adopt a child?

Adoption It’s one Journey Often Long and complicated. But, at the end of the path of luck, I was able to give a family to a child!

Adoption statistics

In France, the Number of licensees Is Constantly declining For years: It’s gone 1From 6,207 in 2015 to less than 10,000 in 2020. “If International adoption Has been more important than ever Domestic adoptionThe trend has reversed over the years, explains Ann Royal. As a result, The number of children adopted abroad has dropped drastically And on a regular basis, it dropped from more than 4,000 in 2005 to 252 in 2021. Hi Convention 29 May 1993 Concerning cooperation in child protection and interstate adoption. A

This consent formApproved by 104 states, Urges countries to consider inter-country adoption as soon as they find a satisfactory solution For the child in the country of his birth.

Today, about 900 children are adopted each year, Ann Royal added. Including about 600 wards of the French state.

Who can adopt in France?

In France All couples (Same sex or different sex) but also SingleOver 26 years old May be a candidate for adoption.

“The law of February 21, 2022 simplifies and relaxes the conditions for full adoption: previously, only married couples and unmarried people could adopt,” explained Ann Royal. Couple.

What is the age limit for adoption?

The adoption reform, aimed at making more children adoptable, creating safer ways to adopt and simplifying procedures for adoptive parents, lowered the law to a minimum age of 26 on February 21, 2022. At least two years. From now on, The minimum age required is 26 years And Normal life is determined to be one year, Says Ann Royal. It also established new laws The maximum age difference is 50 years Is the youngest of the adoptees and the youngest of the children they are proposing to adopt. A

How long does it take to adopt in France and abroad?

In general, An adoption To accept In three to four years Before the end. “It’s difficult to predict a time, Ann Royal admits. Certain family plans – such as adoption A siblingA Big kids Or a Children with special health conditions – Can be implemented more quickly than others. Very simply because there are fewer candidates than a child or toddler. »Applicants are going International adoption They also depend on the geopolitical context of the country to which they are addressed, which may cease to be accepted for a variety of reasons.

What is the cost of an adoption?

Adoption is a free method. “Theoretically, it costs nothing: the approval is free as well as the adoption verdict, recalls Ann Royal. On the contrary, There are usually significant costs involved in adopting abroad : File translation, cost of procedure (lawyer, legalization cost), travel and site stay etc. This could represent a significant amount of money! Cases vary greatly depending on the country of origin of the child Duration of stay on site Parents: Three days to three months or more. A

That’s what you want Adopted in France Where AbroadYou must obtain one Approval, Without an inter-family adoption context (e.g. adoption of spouse’s child). Issued by the President of the Divisional Council of your residential department after the approval of the Approval Commission, This precious sesame is valid for five years.

What are the stages of recognition?

From the moment you do Application for approval Per DepartmentYou will get a response in one Duration of 9 months. Time to process requests from organizations Social and psychological investigations If necessary, then meet in committee. Unfortunately some departmental councils do not respect this deadline …

The stages of a recognition process are as follows:

  • The Application for approval : The procedure starts with a Easy letter to address ASE Letting them know about your adoption project from your department. This letter will allow you to start the administrative process and attend an information meeting;
  • The Create recognition file : After the meeting, if you want to continue the process, you will be given the documents so that you can start compiling the file. You need to complete one Quiz (Civil Status, Family Situation, Accommodation, Adoption Plan) and provides Necessary parts (Birth certificate, Family record booksEtc.);
  • A Preparation Concerning The psychological, educational, medical, legal and cultural dimensions of adoption – Considering the reality of national and international adoption – as well Characteristics of adopted fatherhood It was established by the new law February 21, 2022 Aiming for adoption reform. It is mandatory and organized by the Divisional Council;
  • Social and psychological investigations : Often scaryBy candidates for adoption, social and psychological surveys make it possible Test your abilities (Material, emotional, etc.) To welcome a child. Exchanging views with social workers and psychiatrists helps her take stock Adoption project, To better define its contours or even to develop it. “Many couples feel that their desire to adopt would come against a real search in part of childhood social support services,” Ann Royal admits. If the approval actually gives a birth en Social and psychological investigations should not fail as much as possible “bad parents” candidates, but vice versa Help applicants ask the right questions About adoption “;
  • Receipt of recognition : Your file then goes before a committee that provides a favorable or unfavorable opinion. In case of rejection, know you can Challenge the decision And File an appeal Disputed appeal with the President of the Divisional Council or in the appropriate administrative court.

What is a recognition committee?

The Recognition Committee Consists of six members:

  • Three representatives of the Child Welfare Service (ASE) with expertise in adoption,
  • Two members of the Family Ward of the State Ward of the Department,
  • A person qualified in the field of child protection.

Its mission is to give an opinion on your adoption file, favorable or not. It is up to the President of the Divisional Council to approve or reject the consent of the Commission.

And after approval: What do we do?

Are you recognized? If you want Adopted in FrancePlease send your request The Child Welfare Department of your residential department. “Approval to accept a stay National legitimacy, You can contact other departments, says Ann Royal. However, the number of applications is high and if the project is concerned for a young and healthy child, it is unlikely that family councils will hand over a ward in the state to applicants outside their department.

If you want Adopted abroadYou must be accompanied by a Authorized body for adoption (OAA) or French adoption agency (AFA). Conditions (age difference, marital status, assets, etc.) vary according to the law of the country of origin.

Whether it is adopted in France or abroad, be aware that the process can take time. So you have to be patient! “Often, it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster,” Ann Royal confirms. The wait may be longer And The project was not fruitful. I recommend that future recipients meet in their situation and with other people Continue to learn about adoption. This It is important to be active ! A

Which child can we adopt?

In France, The children are looking for family Is State Ward. They are placed under state guardianship, supervised by a family council, and placed in the custody of Childhood Social Assistance. These are:

  • Of Children without known or established parents (Mainly babies are born or are born in secret),
  • Of Orphans without family support,
  • Of The children have been handed over for child welfare For the purpose of enrolling them as state students by one or their parents,
  • Of That children have been the subject of judicial declarations of parental negligenceOr those whose parents have revoked the authority of their parents

“As of December 31, 2020, it was estimated The number of children in the ward is 3,500 State, specifies Ann Royal. About 600 people are adopted each year, most of them young children. However, many children are admitted to state ward status at a late stage and when their life project becomes an adoption, it will be more difficult to implement. A

Again International adoptionAnd according to a report by the International Adoption Mission, in 2021, there were 252 international adoptions in France, compared to 244 in 2020. The original five countries were:

  • Thailand (46),
  • Republic of the Congo (31),
  • Vietnam (22),
  • Colombia (16),
  • And Madagascar (16).

Finally, In 2021, 61% of children have been adopted abroad At least presented A specific need : Five or older, siblings or suffering from pathology or disability.

How to adopt a child?

Like many future adoptive parents, do you dream of having a baby? If adoption of a child is not impossible, you must remember that in 2021, Only a quarter of children adopted abroad were between the ages of 0 and 2 years. However, it happens that applicants for adoption are lucky enough to allocate a young child. As a result, In 2020, 510 babies were secretly born In France, according to ONPE estimates, most were given the responsibility to adopt very quickly …

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