Child dies at People & Baby Nursery: Child shakes another group’s organization, complains

The new Minister of Solidarity, Jean-Christophe Comb, announced on Monday, July 11, 2022, that he has taken over the post of Inspector General of Social Affairs (AIGAS). On June 22, an 11-month-old girl died of poisoning In a crেরche of the People and Baby Group in Lyon (Ronne).

On Friday, June 24, the Lyon Prosecutor’s Office was informed that the employee in question had confessed to “spraying, then taking a caustic product” to the child – Desktop WC – because he was “overwhelmed by the baby’s cries”. 20 minutes. The next day, the 27-year-old woman was taken into custody.

Mission of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs

The aim of the EGAS mission requested by the Minister is to provide a quick explanation of the factors that may contribute to the establishment of the situation, in this cr ,che, in this network, or in the general structure of the reception system. Danger or abuse “France Media Agency (AFP), Adopted by itself TF1Among others.

Jean-Christophe Kombe “will soon discuss regulatory changes that could be implemented from the fall of 2022”.

The Leon Nursery has been closed since early July and for three months Administratively, on request The prefecture, which explains: “During this time, there will be an administrative inquiry by Metropol de Leon to verify that the organization’s operating conditions comply with legal and regulatory provisions and ensure respect for health, physical or mental health ৷ or the education of foster children.” .

Allegations of abuse at another cr কche of the group

Today is Tuesday, the morning of July 12, the day after the announcement of the Minister of Solidarity, France information Reveals that the Private People and Baby Group (700 establishments in France) is the subject of a complaint for abuse in one of its cr কches, this time in Les Murox, Evelyn.

A mother has accused an employee of the organization of violently shaking her two-year-old and four-month-old son in front of her, a medical certificate dated June 10, for proof.

I put a (…) professional on my son’s shoulder with both hands and he and my son are crying, paralyzed.

“I saw a (…) professional with both hands on my son’s shoulders, seeing him and my son crying, paralyzed,” he testified. France information.

“Faced with a lack of group response”, with which he claims to have been contacted several times since this episode of violence, the Moroccan resident filed a complaint on July 6 “Violence has increased due to two circumstances and disability is not more than eight days.” : Also for “deceptive change of truth in a text.”

The woman, who withdrew her son from the institution on June 10, explained her allegations at his suggestion France information A report has been made to Versailles’ Maternal and Child Protection (PMI) on “all the errors in this crunch” and “less staffing problems”.

In a press release released on Tuesday, July 12, People and Baby Group challenged the new testimony, as did others in the press: Show the lack of credibility point by point “.

Another complaint was filed in December 2021

Nearby Leonmag, Leïla, a generous nurse who placed her 7-month-old daughter in a Lyon group nursery before retiring today, also noted disagreement with the rate of legal supervision. The law limits the number of children without walkers per educator to 5. But the nurse claimed to have noticed several times that there was an employee to handle 15 small children in this crche.

“The kids were crying all day, the staff seemed at the end of their teats and completely overwhelmed,” the woman told local media again.

A few days after the incident of the child knowingly mixed with poison. Leonmag It also revealed that “charges for assault and battery on a 4-month-old baby” had already been filed against another Leon organization in the group (32 installations in Ron), on December 9, 2021, parents, Emily and Steve Gregoire, their youngest daughter Lewis noticed scars on his face, big red spots.

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