“Inside me, I have this fantasy of composing for movies.”

The co-founder of Electro-Pop Duo Air has signed on to the amazing soundtrack to “Fire of Love”, a documentary featuring the Parisian festival Paradiso MK2, which restores the lives of the Kraft couple, the volcanoes that killed the Japanese in 1991. Maintenance.

The famous couple reclaims the lives of French volcanoes Katia and Maurice Kraft, here is an American-Canadian documentary, directed by Sara Dosa, that moves like a retina. In the background of the blast hole, The fire of love First and foremost is a beautiful love story between two creatures who have sworn to each other that nothing will separate them. Appearing as a French preview at the Parisian festival Paradiso MK2, before airing on the Dense + platform in November, the film also makes an impression: Nicolas Godin, 52, has signed on to the amazing soundtrack. Musician, famous for creating the best hours French touch Between the 1990s and 2000s, he returned to the electro-pop duo Air, before embarking on a brilliant solo career. Tellerma On this collaboration …

Why did you take this soundtrack?

Director Sara Dosa called me. I really miss not giving concerts in captivity, and having a soundtrack is a way to pass the time, to continue being an artist. Lighter and less cumbersome than making an album. It must be said that this last practice plunged me into a kind of obsessive frenzy every time. In comparison, composing music from the images you see on a screen is nice and comfortable. Their beauty really magnetized me. There was a drawback, however: I had to cut a lot to make room for the current commentary narrated by American artist Miranda July.

Nicholas Godin, in the studio.

Photo: David Jagdown

The Kraft couple died in an accident in Japan on June 3, 1991. Did this instruct you to write music? What else have you tried?

I thought at first as much as possible with the pictures. And I’m fully aware of this “retrofuturist” label. From Group Air and our first album that stuck to my skin Moon safari (1998)… co Fire of love, I had the same problem when composing the soundtrack Virgin Suicide (1999) for Sophia Coppola. There are two film similarities here to restore a certain era. Sarah Dosa was interested in the colorful music of the craft era, so rather “retro”, filled with nostalgia for a bygone era.

“Just because a scene is sad doesn’t mean you have to compose sad music.”

In a swing-pop vein with his jazz guitar, you’ll recognize an extract from the soundtrack I created for the series. In the service of France (2015-2018), parody the French spy film Art, and the early 1960s. In the end, the production chose nine of the eighteen original tracks I made for the documentary. In addition, he “scores” the title that I had recorded in the past, like Casanova 70 And two quotes from Virgin Suicide.

A scene from the documentary that you particularly like to accompany the music?

I liked the scene where we see soldiers going on an expedition wearing shorts and red caps. An indifferent environment and pictures that made me think Aquatic life (2004), by Wes Anderson. But here’s what I learned while working for the movie: It’s not that a scene is sad that you have to compose sad music. And just because he’s gay doesn’t mean you have to be gay.

The fire of love Centers the love story of Katia and Maurice Craft. This agreement they made at the beginning of their meeting that they will never be separated, they have fulfilled it. I think what would have been terrible for them would have been the disappearance of one before the other. They died together in Japan – a country I love and visit often – so in the end, for them, everything ended just fine. Throughout the film, marrying acoustics and electronics, I have tried to hold on to this height, to the satisfaction that death can bring them, guaranteeing that they will be together forever.

Great composers of film music like Enio Marikon, John Barry or Lalo Shifrin who have impressed me the most. Inside me, I have this fantasy of composing for movies. But it is a real work. And I realize how hard it is! It takes special talent. And then, that’s not the path I chose when I started a pop group in 1995 … He says, when I hear such beautiful music for the series, it makes me jealous and I dream of dialing again.

There is

r Fire of love, July 15, at 10 p.m., Documentary by Sara Dova, Core Carrie du Louvre, 1er After a concert by borough Nicholas Godin (from midnight to midnight). Free admission after registration: mk2festivalparadiso.com/louvre. Release of the soundtrack scheduled for November 2022.

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