Nogent-le-Rotrou Social Life Space is re-launching its youth football tournament, this Thursday, in Gauchetières

“Last year, during the first edition, this day of entertainment attracted a crowd of Nozentis,” recalls Marie Poir, deputy mayor of Nozent-le-Rotrou, who is in charge of social work. Recall that the football tournament itself attracted about twenty teams.

“If this day of recreation takes place again around the stadium in the town of Rue du Valle in Gaucatierres, it will have to enliven the neighborhood. Within the framework of the city agreement, the state allocates subsidies to keep our neighbors alive. But this day of activity is open to young Nozentai in all districts, ”Marie Poirier stressed.

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Football tournament. It will start at 10 am. Registration, free, will be taken from 9am. “Each team consists of five players,” said Emily Lecom, director of Social Living Space.

“We will organize the tournament according to the number of participants and their age. Last year, we had two types of teams: under-15s and over-15s. A

Many prizes given to the partners, will reward the participants.

Entertainment. “The football tournament remains the central activity of the day, but we offer all kinds of activities in parallel to encourage Nozant residents to spend the day with their families,” added Mary Poirier.
Thus, the five bulging structures will be accessible to young people of all ages. A make-up stand will be provided for the youth.

Like last year, Walt Disney’s “mascots” will be led by young people in the neighborhood. And throughout the day, Emilie Lecomte, Hafid Bouzidane and Abderrahmane Chourak, from Espace de vie sociale, will entertain by offering a variety of games.
DJ Akli will perform music throughout the day.

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Today’s guest star actor Anwar Toubali

Glasses. Actor Anwar Tubali, mainly known for his roles in several successful films (Les Kaira, Pattaya and Taxi 5), will be the guest star of the day. He will provide various interventions during the day and at 7pm, he will host a show that will allow him to showcase all his talents (DJ, comedy, etc.).

Restoration. You can eat and drink at the stand of rich and poor association all day long.

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